Eating chocolate is a ritual.If you don’t think so, that may be you are still to discover the beauty of flavours and aroma , that a chocolate can bring to your senses. Eating a raw vegan chocolate bar is one of the healthiest ways to enjoy chocolate.

Before I went vegan I didn’t let a day pass by without eating  some form of chocolate.I used to have stashes of chocolate bars and also used to hide some in very unusual places. 

There is some evidence, that eating chocolate is beneficial to people who suffer from stress as chocolate contains theobromine, which is non-addictive stimulant and it helps a lot of people to feel at ease and happy.No matter how chocolate makes you feel it is clear, that the best and most beneficial way to eat is raw.

The biggest problem with any processed food is, including chocolate is,that the factory stages and high temperature kills all the antioxidants and enzymes, that are in the chocolate .Here is a quick video, where I share my thoughts about this Consious Chocolate. Please press play to watch it. 



View the Conscious Chocolate Range HERE.

Every chocolate bar as carefuly hand made and its also guilt free, dairy free, gluten free, soya free and free from refined sugars. All  chocolates are approved and certified Organic , Vegan and Vegetarian. A great care has put into sourcing every ingredient , that goes into them.

All ingredients are ethically sourced. Every ingredient is organically certified, raw, vegan and vegetarian. Conscious Chocolate  uses premium quality, primarily wild, organic and raw ingredients. Conscious Chocolate’s ingredients are the healthiest and purest available.  This is the healthiest chocolate available.vegan chocolate

The basis of each bar is the same; raw organic cacao powder, raw organic cacao butter, raw organic coconut butter, raw organic carob and raw organic agave nectar.

In my opinion is the healthiest and best chocolate bar on the market available in UK.I am blown away by the quality and flavour of each of those bars and I hope, that you get a chance to try them.Why don’t you get some for Easter and truly celebrate feeling amazing from eating pure goodness.

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