Enjoy the little things in Life

Ivelina  —  May 9, 2012

Enjoy the little things in Life which are actually the big things. When you look back in your life and try to remember a holiday that you went to you would hardly remember what you did day after day and how long  took you to get there. You will remember the moment you sat on the beach and felt the heat of the hot sand  and the warm breeze of the sea.
hot sand and warm water
There are 10000000 moments I am sure in Life every day – a view , a moment of closeness with someone you love, hug from a friend, a sense of a coconut , a taste of a watermelon, finishing a good book, a simple compliment from a stranger, people who remember you after meeting you only once , finding something you lost a long time ago…..
the list is endless.
Every day is special. Taste, Sense, Touch , Feel…Enjoy your moments!

P.S This is day three of WordPress Challenge to make a post every day. There are 236 days left of 2012.
Sending love and light

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2 responses to Enjoy the little things in Life

  1. Glad to have you here!Thank you!

  2. The Blazing Trail May 15, 2012 at 8:25 am

    This is so refreshing!