Listen to your Heart

Ivelina  —  May 11, 2012

Listen to your heart. Your heart has all the answers that you are looking for -you just have to pay attention to them. No matter how busy your mind is, or how much your body has to do your heart always talks to you in little whispering voice.Your heart knows everything. listen to your heart

Listen to it. Pay attention to the details.Its always there to guide you!


P.S This is day five of WordPress Challenge to make a post every day. There are 234 days left of 2012.
Sending love and light

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2 responses to Listen to your Heart

  1. It always does Oana.The matters of the heart make no sense to the mind.Its worth the effort and the truth always sets you free. Good for you! xxx

  2. I did Iva! It caused a lot of mess but I feel free and happy for doing it. What my heart was saying about my child being safe was right! Thanks for yesterday!