happy new year
Connections and Love,Dear Georgie

Happy New Year!

It it the last few hours of 2014!

Sounds rather final, doesn’t it? The last day of 2014! 

What an amazing year, that was. You have had your pains and your gains, you have had your lessons and your blessings, but above all you were here to live it.

This year a very very young and precious young baby left this earth and affected me personally beyond measure.

Life is very precious and sometimes you have to stop and take a deep breath in gratitude to all. All that you are, all that you have and all that is out there. 

The most of all is within you. It is in your heart, in your choices and in your actions, that you take every day. It is the miracle of life. 

If I had to give just one advice to anyone, it would be “Choose your addictions”. Addictions can be possibly the most understated force in the human development. 

Most people associate addictions with the negative impact that alcohol, drugs, nicotine and other things, that have mainly negative effect on most people’s bodies. With that being said you can do anything just as you can stop doing anything. You have the power of choice. 

To be addicted means to be dependent on something, to be weak and form a habit of having or doing it at  all costs sometimes.

My simple analysis here is why don’t you become addicted and form a habit towards things and activities, that serve you and inspire you. 

happy new year

Thain you body to crave green leafy vegetables and drink pure clean water. 

Train your mind to thinks supportive and truthful thoughts and let your heart make you feel uncomfortable if you are not true to yourself. 

Train your body to feel just good, not fantastically amazing, but just nice and content. Feel the energy inside your muscles and use it every day, become addicted to living simply and beautifully every day. 

Train your mouth to say words, that can build a house, that you want to live in. The words, that you say to yourself form some of the most important conversations in your life. 

I am sure you can add a few more of your own and keep being, keep moving, keep loving and living! Life is a gift! 

Thank you so so much for another wonderful year of blogging and social media rumblings. I love and appreciate each and every one of you. 

Happy New Year! Lots of love and hugs and kisses!

Here is to the new year 2015. May it be abundant and full of wellness and peace. 

P.S. I am writing a post a day for 365 days. This is day 11. 

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