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How to get the most out of an electronic cigarette

 How to get the most out of an electronic cigarette?

Many people making the move from traditional cigarettes to the electronic version end up switching back after a short period of time. The main reason for doing so is that they feel that they are simply not getting the same type of smoking experience even though they are still receiving all the nicotine that they need. Part of the problem may be down to the fact that many smokers will go with an e-cig that looks as close to the real thing as possible, giving little thought to the flavor that comes with choosing that particular electronic variety. What many are now finding is that going a little bit of a different route may in fact be what’s needed to kick the habit for good.

A popular choice for those making the transition from cigarette look-a-likes to quality vaping gear is the eVod. Before getting into the details of this particular design, let’s talk a little about what electronic cigarettes are and what they do. Depending on the brand and style of e-cig, they will either deliver your nicotine through a liquid or dry herb. A heating element, powered by a battery, warms up the item in the container and delivers a hit of nicotine, with nothing but water vapor exhaled after you vape. What that means is that you don’t get any of the other chemicals and nasty ingredients found in cigarettes, but still get the sensation of smoking.

The eVod comes in either a branded (Kanger version) or an unbranded kit, with the latter being a little cheaper and a good place to start for the uninitiated. The thing about the eVod electronic cigarette is that it looks nothing like your traditional smoke, but it delivers the sensations that the others simply cannot. The biggest difference, and the one thing that is usually always missing in e-cigs, is that welcome throat hit that smokers love so much. The flavor, too, is about as close to the real thing as you will ever get.

Where the great performance of the eVod begins is in the battery. As mentioned earlier, there are a couple of different choices in regards branded and unbranded, but regardless of the one that you choose, you can be sure that the battery is top of the line and will deliver hours of vaping before having to be recharged. What really makes the eVod tick, though, is the atomizer, which is where the liquid is that is turned to vapor is stored for heating. It employs a heating coil that works hard to deliver top flavor, and best of all, when it burns out, the coil can easily be replaced without having to but a whole new atomizer.

The eVod kits some with everything that you need to get started in the world of vaping. That includes your first batch of liquid, but you are not restricted to using the same kind over and over again. Using eVod means having an incredible selection of flavors and nicotine levels at your disposal.

You can get the eVod and a range of other electronic cigarettes, e-liquid and accessories from UniqBuy.

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