Authentic Transformation in 100 days

#Turn your TV off -Authentic Transformation in 100 days -Video Blogging Challenge -Day 28

Hello my friends ,

hope you all had a nice and relaxing Sunday. Today’s video is about turning your TV off. Here are the 3 main reasons you can consider not having one at all.

1.Television eats your time. An average adult watches TV for about 8 years of their life . Think about what could you do if you had an extra 8 years to do whatever you want .turn off TV

2.Television makes you stressed.Turning on the news is like injecting your self with high dose of stress hormone. On the other hand when you are watching TV you are putting

3.Television ruins creativity and quality conversations in your family-sitting together and watching TV does not grow a relationship. Turn your TV off and do things together -cook, go for a walk, talk ,anything .

I appreciate you ,
Lots of Love ,

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