why you should have a facebook fanpage
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Why you should have a Facebook fan page ? #5

Facebook fan pages are the hidden treasure of Facebook. Facebook is the  largest social media platform and its numbers are constantly growing. As well as your own personal account you can also create a Fan Page. Its a pretty straight forward process to set up a Fan Page and if you haven’t done it yet I am going to  put a link  on the bottom of this blog post 
In today’s video I share 3 reasons you should have a Facebook fan page. Please press on the button to watch it. 

Please visit my fan page http://www.facebook.com/healthfoodshop

1. The first benefit is , that you can have an unlimited amount of “like”s on your Facebook fan page. My experience is that once I reached 1000 likes , the rest happened on autopilot. In the begging I used to post articles, images and quotes every 2-3 hours. I used to tag a lot of other relevant pages and that’s how my page got a lot of exposure . 

2.You can keep your fan page away from your personal account and information . Creating a clear boundary between your business and private life is vital for some businesses and websites. By doing that you can also create different advertising campaigns to promote it.  

3.You can tag your brand on images and any other content, that you share.This is a really useful feature as it creates more exposure and people get to know your name and blog . I highly recommend you to use this feature as its very easy to implement and you can get results straight away by inviting people to like and share your content. 
why you should have a facebook fanpage


Here is Bonus reason on why you should have a Facebook fan page- Facebook Fan Pages are indexed, which means that some of the public content is indexed as well. As a business, you want to show up on the search engines. Of course, you want to direct traffic to your website first, but having a social presence is very important.

So here is the link to set up your Facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment below and feel free to contact me. 

Lots of love Ivelina 

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