Debunking Vitamin B12 by Andreas Moritz

Ivelina  —  March 23, 2012

Debunking Vitamin B12 by Andreas Moritz

Debunking Vitamin B12 by Andreas Moritz

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2 responses to Debunking Vitamin B12 by Andreas Moritz

  1. Thank you, Jackie ♥ . This is so true.When I am happy everybody is happy .Its the energy that I shine makes all the difference. When my boys were younger I struggled with making time for myself as I felt guilty of not doing house work when they were sleeping.This kind of living got me lost for a while, but it is like they say you have to get lost to be found.In the last 2 years I have turned myself around-being honest with myself and making “me” time is good for me.Thank you!:)

  2. Love how you’ve shared such every day ‘natural’ tips here. I would add in: make sure you are finding time for YOU. Give yourself space to refresh each day. As important as it is for us to honor and nurture our children, it’s equally important to honor and nurture ourselves. One of the best (and most difficult) ‘lessons’ I’ve learned as a mother is that what is good for me – from a heart and soul level – is good for my family. ; ) xo