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Why does everything tastes so much nicer when your mother makes it?

Have you ever tasted something   and thought” I used to have this as a child and my mum used to make it and it used to be absolutely tasty”. May be it was the taste of an simple dish , but when your mama made it you felt at home. There is a certain magic when a family eats together.That sense of togetherness brings calmness and reassurance, that all is well and you are loved and cared for.
This is it. The feelings , that you associate with food or a drink can keep you craving forever and ever and never get satisfied.
I am coming out of caffeine addiction. I used to love my coffee cup every morning.It used to be the first drink I will make myself as soon as I get up. Immediately after I drink it I would make another. Then an hour or two after I would have another. Then another one for lunch.And one after lunch….Sometimes this would be the only liquid I would take for the whole day…..Today is day 11 of my caffeine free life. The first few days I was suffering with the worst headache imaginable and slept through most of them.My mood also seemed to jump a lot up and down for a while and ever since I am not having coffee I sleep amazingly well.I also feel so refreshed and soon I hope rejuvenated.I have been on a healthy living journey since august 2010.I stay away from dairy products, meat and have reduced the sugar drastically.It feels like I am coming back to myself.I was lost and the journey home feels like I am already there.
Every morning my coffee cup” took” me where only my heart knows.It “took” me home with my mother.She is still living there in Bulgaria, I am here in Ireland-we talk , but it is never the same.I used to drink a lot of coffee with her before I left, even it was 10 years ago it seems, that time have made our relationship stronger and me more vunerable. Now being a mother is a gift, that takes a lifetime to enjoy.
Every lunch my coffee “took” me where only my soul knows. It took me to my friends.My very close  and treasured Bulgarian friends.The coffee cup “took” me where the afternoons are so sunny and hot and lazy, that all you wanna do is sit in a shadow and relax with your friends.Having a friends is also a gift, it takes a lifetime to be with somebody without actually seeing them.

Only because I stopped drinking it I got the realize why my addiction to caffeine was so strong. I do not crave coffee anymore. I carry the feeling of home and lovingness with me always.All I have to do is be present and happy for what there is. Life is a miracle gift.

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