How to make a decision in less than 90 seconds-Authentic Transformation in 100 days-Video Blogging Challenge-Day 90

Ivelina  —  September 28, 2013
how to make a decision in less than 90 seconds

Me and my young men

I have made a decision today-I want to stop telling my boys what to do. Especially in the morning in between swimming kits, tennis kits and art projects , lunch boxes and water bottles before we leave the house I am like a parrot , that knows only 10 sentences.My boys are at a stage now where there is no need for me to constantly “do things for them”.

how to make a decision

Aristotle is 10.

how to make a decision

Stellion is 9.

Sotiris is 6

Sotiris is 6

I made a decision to STOP stressing myself if I am a good mother or not , as I have this blockage , that if they are not ready or organized I feel , that I failed as a mother.I am one of these people , that loves being prepared and organized and I feel very responsible ,but in order for them to become prepared and organized I have to let them be and learn their own way. As one of my friends said at the school playground “One of the hardest thing a mother should do is to let go.”

So here is today’s video .Please press play to watch it.
By making this decision public I believe I will get rid of this bad habit and all the tension , that I give to myself.
As always thank you so much for all your support and love.
Lots of Love,

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