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3 Reasons to NOT start a blog

There are so many get-rich-quick style posts on the internet today about how to get a blog online in just a few minutes. We all know that isn’t the case.

 A tremendous amount of work goes into designing and creating a blog. Along with the many technical struggles you might experience, it can all add up to the feeling that perhaps blogging isn’t for you.

Here are a few reasons blogging might not be for you at present. 

1.You Want Blogging Success Fast

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick kind of business. 

It takes a long time (months, even years) to build a loyal audience. When you have an audience, you then need to monetise that audience so that you can sustain the business financially, this all takes time too.

If you need money absolutely now, then don’t commit to full-time blogging. The last thing you want is to feel under pressure to earn an income; the sense of urgency could be counter-productive to any success you might have.

Many people start blogs on the side while doing a full-time day job. That could work for you if you have the time, you are motivated, and you are prepared to sacrifice other things in your life. Building a blog takes longer part-time, but it could be a less-stressful option.

2. You Hate Social Media

Being present on one or two social media platforms is an absolute necessity for getting traffic early on because Google won’t register you even exist for at least six months or more into your blogging journey.

If you detest social media, then blogging isn’t for you.

You must be prepared to embrace at least one social media platform. It takes  a lot of work and experimentation to get to the right stage.  

Pick one and don’t give up. 

3.You don’t have the time

Blogging, and the tasks around it take up a lot of your time. 

Let’s break down how long it takes to write a post-Write the post (time depends on the topic) – 3-5 hours; Make the graphics (featured image, Facebook sharing image and Pinterest pin) – 1 hour; Marketing, sharing on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter – 5hrs

We also need to factor in the time it takes to decide on what subjects to post about. For that, you will need to spend some time doing keyword research. 

Additional tasks depend on your niche. If you are a food/craft blogger, for example, then you will need to allow time for the practical tasks of cooking/creating and then taking photos.

I know a lot of bloggers save time by batching tasks. If you are going to do that, then you need to be a good planner too.

Overall is very easy to find reasons Not to do something. If bblogging is not on your radar there are other ways to be creative online and ofline.

Find yours and keep it up!

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