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5 Tips How To Improve Eyesight And Stop Aging Vision

5 Tips How To Improve Eyesight And Stop Aging Vision

Losing your eyesight or getting worse eyesight as you age is not a given. You do have control over your eye health. Here are 5 tips for better vision, and how you can keep your vision as you get older.

We all hear in the news about the increasing numbers of North Americans who are now diabetics or, and obese.
Both of those conditions, or diseases effect your vision! And we have control over both, to some extend. Lifestyle changes, as mentioned below will have a tremendous affect to the health of our eyes. Of course our eyes are part of our body, and they are affected by our general health. So if we work on getting better health, our vision will also benefit by this.

Or, what about if you smoke? That affects your eyesight also. Here is a short list, a summary, of what you can do to improve your eyesight, your vision health.

1 – Antioxidants are very powerful nutrients for our eyes. Lutein (which we have hear about, right?), and Zeaxanthin.
These two antioxidants can help reduce the risk for age related macular degeneration, a leading cause in North America for vision loss, cataracts and more. Eat lots of dark green leafy vegetables. Also include fruit and vegetables into every meal, every day.

2 – And another nutrient that helps us keep, or improve our eye health is: Astaxanthin
There are only three main sources of this nutrient, and all three are from the sea.

1: Microalgae, which is the producer of Astaxanthi,
2: The creatures of the sea that ingest microalgae
3: Fish Oil Supplements that include microalgae. Such as: Life’s Abundance High Purity Fish Oil, Capsules or Liquid.

3 – omega 3 fatty acids, are known to be beneficial for our vision, our eye health. Omega 3 has many benefits for our whole body, not just the eyes.

4 – Your Lifestyle Has A Huge Effect On Your Eyes

1: Sun can damage your eyes. Sun will damage your eyes. Use the right sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays. They don’t have to cost a lot, just be effective.
2: As mentioned at the start, lifestyle illnesses will affect our eyes, such as high blood pressure. Manage your blood pressure with the help of your doctor. This is so important not just for your eyes, but also for your heart health.
3: Blood sugar spikes, high blood sugar, like in NOT managed Diabetes ll, which we often have control over.
4: Exercise has also shown to help against age related eye problems.
5: Drink cool, clear water, not pop or sweetened drinks.

In other words, don’t eat junk food, or fast foods. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, salads, and healthy fats. And, exercise.

5- Relaxation Of Your Eyes (there are special relaxing eye exercises).
Your mind does play a huge role in your vision care. Yes, if you are stressed out, you will find your eyesight can also get blurry. Stress, lack of sleep can also play havoc with your eyes.

Even thinking happy or sad or upsetting thoughts will have an effect on your vision. Check out this blog post: The Mind And The Eyes

Here is another article. This one that helps you to relax your tired eyes, your stressed eyes.

So, in summary, there is much you can do to protect your eyes from aging. Even at a younger age, you can start to be proactive with your vision care.

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