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Choose Younique Mascara by Kristen Youmans

younique mascara by Kristen YoumansWomen have long been enhancing or attempting to enhance their eyelashes for years.

Many have turned to mascara, and still others have ended up resorting to wearing false eyelashes. Although false eyelashes, otherwise known as falsies, can work to make a woman’s eyelashes more appealing, like many beauty products, they come with a price in more ways than one. Due to the chemical makeup in them, eyelash extensions can cause irritation of your eyes, eyelash loss, and even contribute to infections within the eyes.




younique mascara
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Some reactions are due to the woman herself rubbing her eyes, but the chemicals contained in the glue that adhere the individual lashes to a woman’s natural ones are to blame for the majority of negative reactions. The glue can contain formaldehyde among other chemicals. Formaldehyde is found in different beauty products but could be particularly volatile near the eyes or other sensitive membranes. Experts are trending towards advising women to use cosmetic enhancements with less potential side effects, such as mascara.


Many types of mascara contain unnecessary and harmful ingredients as well and it is wise to seek out a more natural alternative before deciding to apply anything cosmetic around or near your eyes.

All-natural or naturally-based products like Younique 3D Fiber Lashes may cause less irritation due to the naturally-based ingredients and the mascara could be a wise choice when looking for an alternative to falsies.

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