Connections and Love

“I don’t want to be happy!”

Happiness is overrated, in my opinion! I want to be real, authentic and stop buying into positive psychology. 

I believe, that happiness is almost a secondary thing and it’s actually a result of my actions and thoughts

Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean to spoil anyone’s fun, but how do you measure happiness?

If people measure sadness with depression, how come we can’t possibly measure happiness.
What is happiness?
Happiness is to be in a state of happy, which means delighted, pleased, or glad…..You can simply fill a page with words, that will define happiness for you. 

The bottom line is, that there is no happiness without pain. How will you know pleasure if you don’t know pain and how will you know pain if you don’t know pleasure?

One reflects in the other and both are needed in order for you to live a “balanced” life (if there is such a thing).

There is a famous quote, that states “You ability to use pleasure and pain determines the quality of your life”.

i don't want to be happy

There are much more important things that being happy!

Love and Gratitude are the catalyst for life. You can feel them both in the deepest of pain and the deepest of pleasure. It’s how being alive feels.

I have seen how deep loss triggers deep love. Love is always present and it flows in gratitude. Practising gratitude is transformational. 

I aim to serve by helping you use the Laws of nature with food, movement and creativity. By helping you I will help myself. By teaching you to eat better I will teach myself, by inspiring you to do blogging I will inspire and motivate myself to be a better blogger. 

I have been coming across for quite some time now a concept and I am almost afraid to accept and it is still a mystery to me. I am still not sure to what extend we create our own reality? I love a quote that said “The words you speak become the house you live in”, but I am afraid to be a creator. I don’t want to feel responsible all the time and feel blamed or criticized. may be that’s my biggest challenge. To accept that I have to reclaim my own choices and stop saying things like “I want to create more content, but the white board is dirty”: “I want to increase the income from my blog, but I don’t like selling” : “I want to make a video, but my hair is dirty”…….

I do have a list of excuses and my biggest one is , that I am a mother and my kids NEED me. To be honest I need them more, that they need me. Looking after the boys fills my heart with purpose, fulfilment and happiness. I used the word Happiness, only again to prove to myself that happiness is a result NOT a goal. 

Thank you so much for being here and reading my blog posts. 

I appreciate and I love you! 



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