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Early Bird review-Eat Well Play More

Everybody loves a box full of goodies.

I would like to introduce you to EarlyBird TasteBox. 

EarlyBird is a dynamic company based in London, which is on a mission to deliver the best healthy snacks to you. The team is committed to provide you with fresh snacks, that bring people together through. This is also done through music and art. 

Eat Well.Play More is a motto that says it all if you ask me. 


I was delighted to be offered to review one of their boxes. I was impressed by the variety of the 5 healthy snacks. Inside your box you will also receive 2 bags of tea, a piece of art and a code to download a music track. Taking about having a bit of everything in a box. 


The little leaflet with the ingredients states a snack for each day of the week, but that was almost impossible in our home. The moment I open the packets, they literally disappeared within minutes. Most of the snacks were eat by my boys,but nevertheless  I managed to have little nibble and enjoy them.

earlybird taste box

In the box there were:

Bollywood Sticks- a lovely lightly spiced mix with chili and lime cashew nuts and roasted peas. 

Carrot Cake-a sweet combination of raisins, walnuts, almonds and orange sultanas. This was my boys favorite

BBQ Peas Shot -very tasty BBQ quoted peas

Pecan Pie– pecan nuts, sultanas and caramel fudge .One of my sons said “Mummy, that is so nice”

Salty Surprise-I love this wonderful mix of peanuts, corn and cashew nuts. 

The choice of tea was perfect as well. I love Chai tea and this one didn’t disappoint-the rich spicy and fruity flavor went perfectly well with the snacks.I did add a little bit of soy milk to it and it was simply divine. 

earlybird snack box

The other tea was Peach Green Tea. I love peaches in any shape, form and even the colour peach is my favorite. So you can imagine how delighted I was to try this amazing combination of peach and green tea. I am now on a lookout to buy some more as I loved it. 

The EarlyBird Box gives you a music track, too and like most people I can not explain music or any form of art with words.

Art, being it music or paintings provides us with moments of relaxation in their own unique way.

We all live busy lives, aren’t we? Family life, now with a baby on a way getting closer and closer I am making the most of each morning while the boys are at school. In my mind the only way I can get through the “busyNess” of each day is to set proprieties and be honest with myself what I can and what I want to do. 

Listening to the music track from EarlyBird  Studios is a nice way to add a few more minutes for reflection to your day. 

EarlyBird have a loyalty scheme on top of all the other things, once you decide to start receiving your weekly box. Your 5th box will be half price and your 10th box free. 

Now you can order your first TasteBox for a £1, so feel free to hop over to EarlyBird website and give them a go, you are in for a treat.

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