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After 10 years of using Android phones, I decided to buy an iPhone 13. Here are five things that surprised me

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After 10 years of using Android phones, I decided to buy an iPhone 13. Here are five things that surprised me

As a rule, smartphone users are divided into two camps: those with Android phones and those whose phones are powered by Apple’s iOS system. Here’s the experience of a Pakistani woman who, after years of fidelity to the first system, decided to switch to the iPhone.

I chose the iPhone 13 Pro Max because it was closest in size to her LG Stylo 5

  • When iPhones became more and more popular in the late 2000s, I was one of the people who decided not to buy a phone under the sign of a bitten apple
  • After nearly a decade of shunning Apple products, I finally traded my LG Stylo for the iPhone 13
  • My biggest concern was the risk of losing photos, texts, and contacts due to the transition from Android to iOS
  • The apps I used on my previous phone were not transferred to her iPhone, so I had to download them again

During the first wave of iPhones in the late 2000s, I wasn’t too fond of Apple products. The lack of compatibility of these devices with other electronic products bothered me a lot, as did the need to buy accessories dedicated to devices under the sign of a bitten apple.

Over the years, almost every non-iPhone phone has explored my purse. From Google to Samsung to LG, the Samsung price tags were a concern but LG was meant to suit my non-conformist soul and shouldn’t be a threat to my wallet.

In January of this year, I noticed that I was looking at the unopened box that contained the new iPhone 13 Pro Max in Sierra Blue that I had purchased.

It was the time when I decided that I needed to change my phone. My two-year-old LG Stylo 5 started to get more and more cranky. SMS messages did not always reach the recipient, turning on data transfer caused the device to freeze, and the lack of internal memory forced the removal of subsequent applications.

My work as a freelancer required my work tools to be reliable. Recent annoyances with my old phone overshadowed my commitment not to buy Apple products.

Before making the purchase, I decided to consult a friend who, like me, remained faithful to Android for years, but eventually decided to buy the iPhone 13. It turned out that he did not regret this decision. “It just works,” he explained to me. “You’ll be really happy with the change,” he added.

I was also convinced to open up to Apple by the company’s recent decision to change its security policy, which is to, among other things, prevent advertisers from tracking user data. The sheer amount of personalized ads popping up in apps installed on my LG was frankly terrifying to me. At this point, I made the decision to buy an iPhone or a Vivo.

After going through the Vivo price list, I went to the Apple store and my choice fell on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Although the high price of the device did not encourage me to buy it, I liked this model, among others. due to the size similar to the dimensions of the Stylo 5. Both devices fit in my hand, which made it easier to write text messages.

Although my previous LG was much cheaper, on the other hand, they did not lack flaws. So I came to the conclusion that it is worth spending money on something that is supposed to be reliable.

My biggest concern was the risk of losing photos, texts, and contacts due to the transition from Android to iOS. The thought of losing an important part of my life gave me goosebumps.

“The process of switching from Android to iOS is very simple,” I heard from the manager of the Apple store where I made the purchase. – Just insert the SIM card into the iPhone, and download the data transfer application to the old phone. Then the Apple software will do everything for us – he explained to me.

The process of unpacking the box with my new phone was a positive surprise for me – the whole packaging was elegant and attractive. Every part of the packaging was carefully planned, although adding stickers with the Apple logo made little sense to me.

After unpacking the box, I placed my new phone next to my old one, took a deep breath, and started transferring data via the app. The LG screen showed what percentage of data was transferred, while the iPhone informed me how much time was left to complete the operation.

Here’s what surprised me during the file transfer and in the first days of using the phone.

A transfer error is not an error.

During the first attempt to migrate data after reaching 99 percent. transfer, an error message appeared on the screen of one of the devices. I repeated the whole operation – the result was the same.

I decided then to complete the configuration of the phone and leave the transfer of data for later. To my surprise, I discovered that every contact, every photo, and every text message that ended up on the iPhone was duplicated. This was proof that both transfers were successful, even though neither of them was crowned with a successful completion message. In the end, we managed to transfer almost everything – except WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp messages cannot be transferred between different operating systems

Since I’ve never had a problem with the transfer of messages saved in the WhatsApp application, I thought that everything would go smoothly this time as well.

When, after opening the messenger on the iPhone, I saw the lack of any conversations, I froze on the spot. After a few minutes of browsing the Internet, I found information that it is not possible to transfer WhatsApp messages between different operating systems.

Until I managed to transfer the conversation with an additional application, I kept all messages on my Stylo.

The iPhone does not allow you to freely arrange the application icons

The apps I used on my LG weren’t transferred to my iPhone, so I had to download them again and rearrange them the way I wanted. As with the previous phone, I wanted to arrange the icons in such a way that the background photo was as visible as possible.

Despite trying to place them in random places, the application symbols did not want to stay where I placed them. Then I thought I was doing something wrong.

Apple forces application icons to be arranged in one specific order without the possibility of randomly placing them on the screen, as is possible in Android. Unfortunately, it’s the truth.

The phone from Apple does not have an LED light that would inform about new notifications

One of my favorite solutions offered by Android phones was a small red LED that flashed when an important notification appeared. We see that often on Korean or Chinese brands but Samsung or Oppo New model 2022 price in Pakistan didn’t just the specs these offered.

I loved this solution because thanks to it I didn’t have to check all the time if there was anything new. It was a big help for me, especially since I’m one of those people who notoriously miss the news. However, it turns out that Apple has a different policy on this issue than other manufacturers.

I am happy with the decision I made

This was probably the biggest surprise for me.

I feel calmer knowing that apps are not tracking my activity. I make fewer typing errors. The iPhone itself is an intuitive, extremely useful device.

If you’re an Android user who’s considering switching phones, I know from my experience that going “to the other side” is not impossible. The decision to buy a phone from Apple was a good decision. It will certainly not be my last iPhone, which in my opinion is the best proof of my satisfaction with the decision made.

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