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Easy Ways to Eliminate Distractions When Meditating at Home

Meditation has been a new movement towards self-help and self-love. The purpose of meditation is to let yourself live in the present moment instead of letting your busy thoughts control your mind. It’s important to remember that your life will never be completely stress-free, however, meditation can help you handle stress better and feel more at ease.

If meditation is something new for you, it may be a little hard to get into. Meditation is training your mind, which can be pretty tricky. But, trying something new and experiencing different thinking patterns can increase your mental health value by giving you different perspectives of the life around you. One of the most common difficulties of meditation is eliminating distractions outside of your mind. Here are a few tips to eliminate these distractions before trying to eliminate your mind’s distractions.

Improve your diet

Hunger is one of the most distracting feelings for you and your mind. It can overtake any thought process or activity. Improving your diet can help give you less “hunger” distractions, simply because you’re getting the nutrients that your body needs to function properly. Going plant-based with your diet can help relieve your mental distractions by releasing more endorphins and creating an overall general healthy well-being.

Take care of any home projects

If you are trying to meditate in your home, you want to make sure your home is at its best as well. There is nothing more distracting about trying to meditate in a room right next to an unfinished job. So, get that leaky sink and noisy air ventilation system fixed to create a healthy meditation environment.

Turn off your notifications

Phones, timers, alarms, even cooking devices that work on a timer can interrupt your inner peace—be sure to silence anything that may be a distraction. There is no way you can relax and focus while hearing your phone blow up with notifications or realizing that you need to start making dinner. Silence anything that puts you on a timer while you are trying to focus.

Pick a convenient time

You may be a busy, working parent to children and dogs. Pick a time when you won’t be stressed or worried about their location or what they are doing. Put the dogs outside, the kids on a playdate or a nap and just let yourself relax.

Allow your body to feel natural

Embrace the distractions within your own body, like posture. If your posture is unsettling or uncomfortable, this can throw off your whole mental track in the meditation process. Allow yourself to focus on this to create a more peaceful mind and comfortable body.

Designate a specific space

Create a space and exterior that makes you comfortable. Wear clothes that make you feel good and comfortable so there are no lingering physical comfort thoughts to distract you. Also, be in a space that allows you to sit comfortably and relax, creating a meditation space is a great way to dedicate yourself fully to the cause.

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