Becoming Vegan

Benefits of going plant-based

Transitioning to a vegan or more plant-based diet will reward you and your body in countless ways. There are incredible benefits of eating more whole fruits, vegetables, and whole grains even if you do not go fully vegan right away. Consuming less animal products may be difficult at first if you are used to eating meat and dairy, but there are plenty of alternatives and options if you are serious about changing your lifestyle. You may find it worth it to experiment with a plant-based diet if you are hoping to improve your physical and mental health. Explore these benefits of vegan eating if you are new to the idea of a plant-based diet.

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Disease Prevention

One of the most powerful arguments for plant-based eating is the possibility of longevity and long-term disease prevention. Heart disease and Type 2 diabetes are among many lifestyle-related diseases that can be improved or prevented by eating more plant-based. Studies show that harmful effects of carcinogens and other dangerous aspects of animal products may have fatal impacts on our health. Avoiding most meat and dairy increases your heart health, blood pressure, and likelihood of developing diabetes and related diseases. You can also make subtle improvements to minor health issues like low energy and even hair growth by eating more whole fruits and vegetables. If you are looking for ways to improve your long-term health, consider the connection between plant-based eating and avoiding major lifestyle diseases.

Healthy Weight

Choosing to eat a plant-based diet can have a transformative effect on your weight. Many people who struggle with weight loss find they have an easier time focusing on eating plant-based rather than dieting. Even if you are not specifically looking to drop in weight, you may experience more toning and fat loss after a few months of vegan eating. Fat content in meat and dairy can often lead to excessive weight gain, even if included in a relatively balanced diet. Plant protein helps build your muscles without contributing as much to fat gain and dark leafy greens provide you incredible energy and nutrition to make it through the day. Plant-based eating is an easy way to give your body the “clean fuel” it needs to maintain a healthy weight.

Improved Fitness

The increased energy levels you’ll experience on a plant-based diet will allow you to build your fitness routine to new levels. There are plenty of athletes and regular fitness enthusiasts who use a vegan diet to maximize their fitness experiences. Eating a whole food plant-based diet will support your optimal muscle growth and provide you with the essential nutrition you need. Whole grains, plant protein, and dark leafy greens are incredible energy sources, and natural sugars from fruit are useful for giving you an energy boost without the crash. Making the most of your workouts after receiving optimal nutrition can also lead to benefits such as better sleep and improved mental health. When you eat in a way that promotes your best energy levels, you are motivated and excited to build your fitness routine.

Mental Health

Eating a vegan diet has positive effects on your mental health if you focus on whole foods. The increased energy levels contributing to your fitness can lead you to sleep better and release more endorphins, both of which improve your overall mood. Eating healthy is an act of self-care that can also lead to better choices in other areas. Proper nutrition from whole plant-based foods can also improve your recovery experience if you are in treatment for alcoholism or other mental health challenges. When you are working on your mental health, the vitamins and minerals provided by a vegan diet help your body recover as quickly as possible and promote the correct nutrition in your brain.


Benefits of plant-based eating go beyond your health and wellness. In a world where climate change is a real threat and many people feel helpless in the fight to save our environment, plant-based eating is a choice you can make three times a day. Studies show that the environmental impact of someone on a vegan diet is profoundly less damaging than someone who is not. Animal agriculture is one of the main sources of methane gas in our atmosphere, so eating plant-based is a sustainable way to use our resources wisely and cause as little damage as possible. You may also enjoy the benefits of making an impact knowing that voting with your dollars can help shift the food industry towards a plant-based future.

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Animal Welfare

The last major benefit of eating plant-based is supporting global animal welfare. Eating less meat and dairy obviously lowers your individual use of animal resources, and it is often difficult to reconcile the idea of eating an animal. It is also not easy to confirm whether the companies supplying you with animal products do so in a humane way. You might find comfort in your choice to switch to a vegan diet along with the idea that you are supporting the global welfare of animals as well. By spending your money on local plant-based options, you discourage larger companies from abusing natural resources like the Amazon rainforest or environmentally damaging animal farms for agriculture.

The benefits of transitioning to a plant-based diet are extensive and affect countless areas of your life, from health and wellness to your carbon footprint. If you’ve been exploring reasons to eat more vegan food, you can also be excited about your global impact and the consequences of voting with your dollars, impacting animal welfare in the process. You can be confident you’ll experience incredible health benefits such as healthier weight, increased energy, and possibly even disease prevention. Even if you are not ready to go fully vegan, consider experimenting or beginning by simply eating more whole plant foods than you usually would. No matter how you choose to transition your eating, adopting a plant-based diet will cause positive consequences for your health and the health of the planet.

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