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Get In Touch With The Environment Friendly Movies To Start A New Surrounding

Get In Touch With The Environment Friendly Movies To Start A New Surrounding
When the main area of concern is related with movies, a person generally tries to get in touch with either action filled or romantic movies. Well, nobody seems to be attracted towards the nee theme on the run, which are the environmental ones. Surprisingly, the Hollywood directors seem to be a little laid down when it comes to environmental related themes. But, there are some noteworthy movies for you to get hold of, if you start scanning through the DVD shelves of the rental stores. There are some top movies, which comes up with some of the real problems along with the challenges, which are generally faced by the natural world.

emerald forest
Top environment friendly movies
There are some special environment related movies, which later became the talking point of among the masses. Among so many options available, listed below are some of the noteworthy examples to get hold of.

  • Silent Running: The movie is going to revolve around the predation of mankind, which ravaged the environment of the Earth to such a point, when the planet is not at all able to sustain the natural life form. The last forests are preserved in the geodesic domes, related with low maintenance vessels in an orbit, just around the Saturn.
  • Born Free: The movie is based on a true story and it was shot in Kenya. It follows the fortunes of George Adamson and Joy, when they plan to raise an orphaned lion cub, named Elsa. Finally, after raising the lion up, they let her g back to her forest life. This movie can be stated as  a heart warming movie, where you will get to come in touch with some harsher realities, too.
  • Soylent Green: This movie can be defined as the excellent dystopian feature, made by none other than Charlton Heston. This story is based on the prophetic novel of Harry Harrison, “Make Room! Make Room!”, where the Earth is all set to get destroyed due to global warming. Crops are failing at large scale and mass starvation is just knocking at the doors.
  • Pom Poko: This can be defined as a Japanese animated movie, which can be stated as a movie, ahead of its time. There are thousands of environment friendly themes and messages, which you can get after coming through the movie. This movie was inspired by the massive postwar deforestation experience, which was the latest news in Tokyo.
  • The Emerald Forest: This story is also based on a true story and the film solely focuses towards deforestation. The story is going to portray a life of an engineer, whose son will be kidnapped by a tribe and will be raised as one of them. On the other hand, the distraught father will search for his son frantically. This story will show how the tribes are forced to live their natural livelihood in order to come in terms with the modern civilization.
  • The Last Winter: Here, an American oil company is going to try and construct an ice road in the plane of northern Alaska. This is going to hamper the impacts of the climatic changes on a serious note and this will steadily eat away the integrity, once related with the ancient ice. This movie is going to talk about the green wash of the undertakings, related with environmental issues.

These are some of the most deserving names, when the main area of concern is related with environment theme based movies. These are a must watch for young and old, alike. Moreover, the cinematography will surely attract the people for a second round  as well.
Author Bio: Jacob Fernandez is a renowned name, when the main area of concern is related with top Hollywood movies, with an environment based theme. Look for these movies at a TV Near You.

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