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Health Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats

Whilst humans and cats are very different, the illnesses and health conditions that we can both catch are very similar. Much like humans, CBD oil can do wonders for your cat’s health, whether they have a small illness or health condition or are terminally ill. Here are just some sicknesses CBD oil can help, and general benefits it can give to your feline friend.

CBD oil for cats

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Inflammatory Diseases

CBD oil is great for treating your pet’s common inflammatory diseases, such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and asthma. IBD is a common disease in felines, affecting cats of any age but more commonly middle-aged and older cats. Often resulting in vomiting, lethargy, and diarrhea, this disease can be very worrying as some cats can lose their appetite, causing drastic weight loss. CBD oil is an anti-inflammatory, meaning that whilst it can’t cure the disease, it can help to relieve many of the symptoms and make your cat much more comfortable whilst medical attention is being sought. As for feline asthma, no cure currently exists. However, CBD oil can help to ease symptoms of this disease, as its anti-inflammatory properties can help the lungs and prevent asthma attacks.


Cancer is one of those diseases that seems to affect everyone, even cats. The pain that comes with the disease can be unbearable, and whilst there is no cure, pain management will help your cat whilst they are seeking medical attention. CBD oil can help to soothe some of the symptoms and pain that comes with cancer, whilst being a perfectly safe pain management supplement. There have been many reports of both humans and animals alike having a longer and less painful life whilst battling cancer.


Anxiety in cats is very common and can stem from anything such as abuse or illnesses. Due to the anxiety that your cat is feeling, it may not approach you, it may lash out or inflict self-injury such as excessive licking or biting, which can create sore spots on the skin, and sometimes lead to infections. It can be difficult to treat anxiety in cats, as they are not as telling as dogs, and it can be hard to figure out what is causing the stress and anxiety. If you have an anxious cat, CBD oil can help to ease their symptoms and help them to relax, without causing any harm to them or having any side effects.

CBD helps the body to relax and calm down much faster than it usually does when the mind feels extremely anxious – this is no different for cats. Whilst being effective for the symptoms, CBD oil will not help to cure the anxiety and should be used alongside behavioral training.

CBD oil is very effective for many diseases and illnesses that may befall your cat. Whilst this oil can help immensely with pain management and help to ease symptoms of the illness, CBD oil is not a cure and should be used alongside medical attention administered by a vet.

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