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How Aloe Vera saved me

How Aloe Vera saved me

Having decided to contribute a blog about aloe vera, I could not remove this thought from my mind. Aloe Vera saved me. Symbolically, it is true, even though I am aware that the statement seems somewhat extreme. Last year, I was on maternity leave with my third child and I came across a brand of products, which are aloe vera based. I was a little cynical at first….about how they could and would have any positive effect on my health and wellbeing but I was drawn to the prospect of a steroid free life for my ten year old, allergy-ridden daughter, I bought the ‘new distributor’ box – purely so that I could gain lifelong 30% discount on my orders. In relation to my daughter’s allergy-induced eczema and asthma, the products have outperformed any other ointment, potion, steroid or antihistamine. For that alone, I am grateful to the company, ‘Forever Living’.

What I did not anticipate was the impact upon me. I have always taken a ‘faddy’ approach to my health…a few weeks of yoga here, a preoccupation with swimming there, intermittent fasting (very intermittently!), a bit of juicing for a bit of time and so on. I knew this needed to change… fact, I had placed an image on my vision board whilst I was pregnant, that symbolised the connection between health and other aspects of my life. I knew this was true….as an educated and intelligent woman, I knew I needed to take my health more seriously…but somehow, I just didn’t attend to myself consistently. I’m an all or nothing type of person and had already experienced the impact of over-indulgence…running myself ragged and then taking the obligatory fall, when my energy depleted. Then Aloe came along.




Amongst other things, in my ‘new distributor’ box were some bottles of aloe vera drinking gel…not a juice or a drink ‘with aloe’ but over 95% pure inner leaf aloe (Forever Living use the outer leaf – the green part – for fertiliser, as they grow their aloe plants without chemicals). It tasted disgusting. Well, that was my initial evaluation. I’d now say it is slightly bitter but strangely pleasant. I started with 15 ml in the morning on an empty stomach and literally had to hold my nose to tolerate it. Would you believe that almost a year on, I am drinking a whole tumbler full every morning?


Let me repeat that….a whole tumbler full….almost a year on. So, me being the faddy, sometime-ish person I am, I have actually persisted with drinking the aloe…Every. Single. Day …..for almost a year. Why? Well, the health benefits to me have been undeniable….especially in my skin – which glows, my gut – which is less bloated and my energy levels have increased (hallelujah, as any mum knows). You can read more here:

I have focused on the drinking gel, as it’s my all time favourite and has become an essential health item for me but the company have a comprehensive product range and as a distributor, I have my own online shop: Being able to help other people, by recommending high quality, natural products, is wonderful. Who would have thought that I could ever offer health advice?

I had no concept in the early days, that the Company also offers a business opportunity. I have a diverse professional background and am interested in business models and as an enabler, enjoy helping people in their personal and professional lives, see more about me here: and here: Forever Living is an equitable, Investors In People ‘Gold’, award winning company and there is no prerequisite for working their business model. You need to love the products (easy), enjoy helping people (peasy) and want to have a flexible work pattern that enables you to develop an income around other priorities in your life (who doesn’t?). Watch this five minute video for more on that: I love using my coaching skills to help other people to develop their own health and wellbeing business ventures. Email me if you want to hear more:

Since beginning my Aloe journey, my health consciousness has significantly expanded. My family is healthier and my network of friends and colleagues has changed too, including ‘meeting’ Ivelina, after seeing one of her Facebook posts. Visit my Facebook page: I am much more health aware and have gone some way to breaking patterns of inconsistency, which has set the wheels in motion for a greater appreciation for how health truly is our wealth.

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Joanna Oliver

oanna Oliver is a mum to three beautiful children, who has developed a diverse skills set and refuses to be pigeon holed by restrictive job descriptions and titles. She is a self defined Altrepreneur with experience in working as a Senior University Lecturer, working with individuals, charities and community initiatives in a range of roles, including learning and development, strategic planning, bid writing and fundraising. With a range of qualifications, from professional supervisor, vocational assessor and a degree in Advertising, Media and Marketing, Joanna uses her diverse skills base to help and support people to ‘Grow their Personal and Professional Colours’. With a Masters degree in Therapeutic Childcare, Joanna is a published author, an enthusiastic blogger and copywriter and is in the process of writing two books, one as a collaborative project.

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