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I really hate pills and here is why (opinion)

Good to know, that for every small medium or a big complaint there is a pill made by someone.That someone got paid really well by the company, that makes those pills and will be making tons of profit once the pill gets a good marketing PR and a nice advertizing budget.There are a million ways to put information in front of people, but when you offer them a “qualified solution” your sales go through the roof. 

So you keep selling pills, then those pills create “side effects” so you have to invent more pills in order to offer more “qualified solutions” and your profits keep going up and up.People are under the illusion, that they are stressed, sick or simply overworked or unhappy and the pills will make it all better.i hate pills

You know what I simply think, that this is an unacceptable way to treat any human being.Our body contains millions of chemicals and every system , which is a part of a system, which is a part of a smaller system works in perfect balance.

The only thing , that you have to do and you have a responsibility for your body is simply let it be.

Listen to it and heal yourself using all the energies, that you have within you.You can certainly charge your body with the most amazing plant foods, drink clean water, get sunshine and move about, but for every imbalance there is some reason, which has taken some power from you. Get Empowered by understanding, that you are strong and more than capable.NOW!

Also allow yourself to feel your feelings.Let them come and go.

Power has been taken from people by making then think, that when they take something outside of them they will get CURED.

How can you get CURED from yourself I want to ask? You can’t .You simply accept yourself and love every bit of your body, every cell and every thought, every feeling.You explore yourself and by doing that you learn to heal yourself, you learn to be empowered by who you are.

I only say those things, because I see so many people looking for a “sleeping” pill, “weight loss” pill, “make me stronger” pill, “stop me smoking” pill, “make me happy” pill,” make me sexy” pill , “grow my ….hair” pill and so on…..

Its a myth, that the solution for your body is outside of you.True holistic healing is within and only within.Everything else , that you do is to support you in that journey of being alive and sharing your gifts with us.

Your greatest gift here on Earth is you ability to love and create.

Simply said if you take a painkilling pill you “kill ” your senses to feel, that creates an imbalance in your body and you feel disempowered.That creates more stress as you lose control of being able to respond to your need.You have to be able to respond to yourself, in order to serve to your body and to be able to give to others.

Stop the pills and start looking deeper.You know exactly what you need.Listen to the small kind whispering  from your heart.

Sending love and beaming energy your way. 

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