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Let the Light In – Skylights Save Energy and Brighten Your Day

There are few things that can brighten up the ambiance of a home more easily than natural sunlight. However, many homes were constructed with smaller windows in some rooms, or a few rooms in the home may have no windows at all. You may find yourself turning lights on in these rooms in the middle of a beautiful sunny day and thinking about how much energy you are wasting by doing so. A great way to brighten up these rooms and to lower your energy bill in the process is by installing skylights.

How Skylights Impact Energy Efficiency
Skylights may be larger or smaller in size, and they come in a range of geometric shapes. Some of the windows are made with energy-efficiency in mind, and they will allow light to shine in while keeping heat from the sun out. Others have an opening feature that allows you to ventilate the home and that lets air circulate for improved energy efficiency. Some models have built-in blinds that can be opened and closed to provide the homeowner with maximum control over light that enters the space. When the lights are installed in the darker rooms of the home, the natural light from the sun can brighten these spaces. You will not need to use energy to brighten the rooms. Ultimately, skylights can reduce energy consumption related to lighting as well as temperature control.

Skylights Affect the Vibe in the Home
While skylights can be energy-saving features to install, they also can brighten the ambiance in the home with incredible results. Consider how significant the difference in mood is when you open the blinds in a darkened room. By doing so, there is an instant shift in energy level in the room. This is the same effect that a skylight will have on the darker rooms of your home. Some of the most popular rooms to install skylights in are kitchens, living rooms and master bedrooms or bathrooms. They also can brighten hallways, stairways and other rooms with great results.

Let the Light In – Skylights Save Energy and Brighten Your Day

How to Find a Professional Installer
Installing skylights is not an easy task, and it typically requires you to cut through roofing material, insulation, drywall and more. The skylight window will need to be airtight and watertight as well. Most homeowners will feel more comfortable having a professional installer do this work. Some contractors may specialize in skylight installation, and you may be able to search for these professionals online. Otherwise, window installers or general contractors who specialize in home construction and renovation projects may have the skills to get the job done correctly. Before hiring any professional to work on your home, ensure that the contractor is licensed and bonded properly. Also, verify references, and confirm the scope of the work order in writing before the work begins.

The installation of skylights in a few key locations in your home can have amazing results on your home’s ambiance, and it can also lower your energy bills. However, this is not a project that most homeowners want to undertake on their own. A smart idea is to contact an installation professional for a consultation. By doing so, you can learn more about the cost of installation, the options for different skylight window models and the best placement for the new skylights in your home.



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