Connections and Love

“Mother Nature Loves you” nominated for a “Thought provoking blog” :-)

I am so grateful for the incredible support here in the blogging community. I have connected with the best people in the world and it keeps getting better all the time. “Mother Nature Loves you” nominated for a “Thought provoking blog” 🙂a-thought-provoking-blog

This acknowledgment comes from the amazing Leroy Watson at Riding Effortlessly on a Large Green  Turtle . While he has been having a good time on a green turtle I have been flowing like a river and somewhere under the same Sun our journeys came across. Thank you so much. I enjoy reading your blog as it is an incredible journey through time and space -your photography and poems are timeless and beautiful.

“Mother Nature Loves You” mission is to inspire peaceful , happy healthy and sustainable life. Along the way of flowing love and gratitude I have come across blogs, that are thought provoking and  have  given me more “food for the soul” so I can reach even more people.

In no particular order, but with special thanx to Leroy here are a few blogs, that I read and love .

Riding Effortlessly on a large Green Turtle 

Roberta Jerram 

Elizabethin-dream of Paradise of Earth 

The Beach House Kitchen 

An Inspired Approach 

Ask Sotiris 

Fields of Sun 

Mama’s Haven 

This is only a very small number. A drop in the ocean. But in each drop you can see the whole ocean.

Sending Blessings and Love



P.S This is day 54 of Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 181  days left of 2012

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  1. Ivelina says:

    Thank you so much Lee and Jane, my heart is full with gratitude and love every time I think of your Beach House Kitchen. sending love

  2. leroywatson4 says:

    Ivelina, you are a shining star and we are so lucky to have met you here and to be able to share in your life (your flow). Thank you for this kind nomination. Peace and Happiness, lee and janeX

  3. Ivelina says:

    You are more than welcome. Thank you so much for all the beauty and inspiration that you bring.sending love and blessings

  4. elizabethin says:

    iveli thank you my dear :-)))i willl write you an email 🙂 have nice day and thank you so much for posting my name 🙂

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