Becoming Vegan,What do vegans eat?

“A journey of a thousands vegan meals begins with a single step”

Changing into a vegan has been a major transition so far. I do feel like a complete beginner though, as there is so much to learn and discover.

I have been practically living on green salad, beetroot, celery rice, hummus,gherkins,cashew nuts, walnuts , cucumbers and bananas . And lots of it. My biggest challenge is to reduce the amount of nuts I am eating , as most of them   are very high on fats. For example even a hand full of walnuts (about 25 grams) contains 94,6 Omega 3 .They also contain Potassium , Calcium and Magnesium so it is all good.

So I came up with some tips which might be helpful if you are thinking of trying to experience the benefits of vegan nutrition :

1. First and foremost “Listen to your body” .  This profound tip will guide you with any dilemmas .Food has  a lot more effects on our body, that we are programed to believe. Every time you eat you become what you eat, so always be conscious of that.

2. When you are cooking something  make sure you make plenty. Like for example a lot of the sauces , that you make taste nice the next day. Soup is another dish, that you can make plenty of and enjoy it the next day. This is also useful if you are hungry and really want something NOW .

3. Turn your salads into meals . Make a warm broad bean salad with sun dried tomatoes and spring onion for your dinner and have it with a bit of mushroom rice. It is very tasty and satisfying.

stuffed vine leaves, antipasti , hummus and salad
I love this -stuffed vine leaves, antipasti , hummus and salad

4.Do not fuss during meal times, even if others do and ask you questions or are giving you looks, that speak a thousands words. Just let it be. It will pass. It makes all the difference how you handle it. Silence I find is the best response and a loving smile does miracles

5. Make sure you stack a good variety of fruits and vegetables. It is one of my all time favourite motto “Viriety is the spice of life“. So far I have had and enjoyed an amazing selection , so grateful for it. I had 3 different kinds of cabbage , 5 kinds of salad leaves, asparagus, pack choi, avocado. butternut squash..I know for some people this seems like an every day thing, but for some one like myself , that used to eat tomatoes , cucumbers and aubergines all the above are really new.

6.Drink tea. There is such an exciting variety of teas and each and every one of them has many benefits for our body and well being. Try different kinds  until you find your favourite ones. I love Chai and Earl Grey, but recently I have been also drinking Tree Tulsi mix made by Pukka tea and Rosehip .

7. Add juicing to your weekly or daily food routine. It is one of the most nutritious and easy ways to give your body a complete energy plant power house . I also find it incredibly filling , especially when I add a tea spoon of spirulina.

Green juice-cabbage, apples, pineapple avocado and spirulina
Green juice-cabbage, apples, pineapple avocado and spirulina

Above all remember, that you are not alone. I have found , that the information on how and why vegan nutrition is the nutrition of the future is very helpful . Here is a 30 minutes video for you to watch .Just Click here to watch it.


Sending blessings and Love




P.S This is day 53 of Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 182  days left of 2012

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