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Oh,how I love to blame!

Oh,how I love to blame! It is so easy and so simple to explain or justify some of my actions even when I know I can do better.

Blaming is OK, as it helps you sleep better and justify certain things, that you have done,but blaming creates victim mentality.
Victim mentality, self scarifying mother and doing it all woman are a no no in my list of wild and authentic living activities. It is OK to be that way in certain situations, but not at all costs.

Blame and responsibility can be tricky as well.Sometimes I would say I am taking responsibility for my actions and simply blame myself. Ha ha, don’t know to laugh or cry. Get rid of the blame.

Blame and guild are some of the most useless human emotions.They teach us on what not to waste time on. Pay attention to what you say to yourself. Yes, we are humans and every human emotion is normal.

If you find yourself blaming someone or circumstances in a sense of giving your power away it is time to stop and pay attention where you are leaking energy to.

how to stop blaming

There is a way out of blame and victim hood. Before I find myself  in a self pity situation I would ask myself this question “Which one of the problems, that I focus on is a result of my own doing?” This one question has given me a great lift and has helped me understand what are my triggers. Then it is time to dig deeper. Look into what emotion is there as well as blame. Most of the time is something to do with the ideas, that we have for ourselves, or the plan we had in our heads about how the things will work out. 

Being responsible doesn’t start with blaming yourself, that might be a step above blaming others or the circumstances,but to be free from blame you have to take just one more step. You need to shield your own energy. I say to my boys all the time “Shield Yourself.” Keep your presence and still take part. In that way you will avoid blame. 

There could be many reasons for blame-sometimes we feel weak and want attention or sympathy, sometimes we need encouragement, other times we feel lost.It is OK to feel all of these together. The key here is to feel them and not let those emotions define you or own your heart.  Talk to someone you trust, be honest.But most of all be honest with yourself. Being honest is a first step to being responsible in an empowering way.

No matter where you are on your path remember, that you have the power and the control over only 3 things in your life 

  • your attitude
  • your thoughts
  • and your actions

the rest is a gift. Allow yourself to accept it all and peel blame away.Be responsible for what depends on you. The rest will get itself sorted. 

Be well,be wild and enjoy the ride! 

P.SI am writing a post a day for 365 days.This is day 13.



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