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The day I saw myself as a dairy cow…..

The day I saw myself as a dairy cow is not much different from the day I saw myself as a mother seeing her baby being hit by a bomb…….All mothers should be with their babies, no matter what species they are……………..

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original image by Steve McCurry


The day I saw myself as a dairy cow was the day I decided to live vegan.There have been many phases during this journey, but the reality of animal farming and cruelty hasn’t changed.

Many times I have asked myself  how is this still allowed to happen.How can we be so brainwashed.Sometimes I wanted to scream with the top of my voice, I used to be angry,too, but non of that matter.

Life matter, kindness matter, compassion , but above all PEACE to the world.

I feel that the dark times, that I used to think were over, are not over yet.While we believe, that someone’s life is not important because they are not living under the same roof as us, while we let men to go and though bombs to living creatures….we will live in the dark.

stop the war
Painting by Zahar Krylov


As a student of history I had this romantic naive idea, that somehow people are not being treated as cattle.But why do we have to use this expression in the first place? Does that make treating cattle like cattle OK? I will leave that unanswered. How do you create peace on earth? How do you help a suffering living creature with fear in their eyes and blood on their body? 

How? Tell me how? 

I will tell you how-go and be kind , love your neighbour, avoid violence of any kind, stop watching violent movies,think where your food comes from, think what random acts of kindness and help you can do daily? Did what you just purchased caused anyone to die or suffer, or was anybody  used as  a slave? 

You can indeed make a difference.Choose PEACE.Choose COMPASSION. Choose LOVE.

Let the human heart guide you-let the love and the light in your breath shine all the darkness away.

Even if we live in the dark times, there are so many candles.So many people are waking up to the sad horrid reality of war and cruelty .It only takes one candle to light a big room of darkness.Be one!

The normality of seeing living creatures, especially young living creatures suffer and die is accepted all over the internet and on any mass media form.

We still live in dark times-turn your TV on and you will see a lot of  sufferings, pain and blood-look into the eyes of the most soap operas actors .Buy a video game or even go and watch a movie-it is so so horrific the amount of blood and pain exposed.It is like almost it is OK to suffer .

IT IS NEVER OK to kill babies and kids. NEVER. No matter how politically, financially or religiously “right” may seem at the time, or the media wan to make it look, or the animal flesh industry marketing wants you to believe.

The day I saw myself as a dairy cow is not much different from a day I saw myself as a mother seeing her baby being hit by a bomb…….

Bring all men home to build a houses, grow vegetables and be together with the people, that they love.

We as human beings have a responsibility to create peace, love and to create music and dance with the wind.We are here just for a moment at the time.While you are here you can add to the light or make it even darker to live.

The choice is yours. 

Every time. 

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