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How to relax

The Health Benefits of Relaxation Music

Listening to relaxing music can be extremely beneficial to us, it can help relieve tension from our muscles which we carry with us during the day. When we listen to music it releases endorphins in our brain, when these endorphins are released, it gives a sensation of excitement, leading to less negative feelings of stress. What sort of music should we listen to, anything from classical to contemporary, as long as it does not contain lyrics? If you don’t like classical music, try some electronic or modern classical music, the latter is known to boost concentration and keep you focused. Playing the right background music for your studies can even ease your pre-exam nerves and anxiety, but choosing the right study music is critical to your success.   If you’re not sure which style of music is right for you, consider listening to calming classical music, its relaxing melodies and melodic motifs can help you focus on your studies. Shy Little Panda music is perfect and aims to help you to relax and unwind, played in the background while studying can help you focus on your studies.

The Blur Effect is one of the biggest benefits of listening to music when studying, it is proven that music without lyrics improves the ability to work memory. Create your own calming music playlist on Spotify, which is a great place to start, there are many great instrumental tracks on YouTube.

In addition to being relaxing, it also stimulates the brain’s reward centers and will put you into the right frame of mind to help you improve your learning. In addition to classical music, and relaxation music you can also listen to Jazz. The Sound of Jazz is an excellent choice, create a playlist that streams in 24 hours and has no ads.


Surgeons often listen to relaxing music during a procedure, because it effects to help them focus and concentrate.  While calming music is often played in healing centers to make people feel relaxed and at ease.  Music can help uplift the mood, giving us motivation and energy when needed, it can also help to relax and soothe when we are feeling tired and exhausted.

While listening to music can be therapeutic, you should try to limit its use to soothe you.  For example, when you are grieving, it’s important to stay away from loud music, which can enhance your feelings. Instead, try listening to quiet music and focusing on your emotions, a good idea is to download a few songs and listen to them over again.

If you’re in the midst of grief, listening to music can help you process your feelings and heal. Many people feel better when listening to a song that triggers emotional crying, this releases cortisol. For example, you might be sad and want to cry to Candle in the Wind by Elton John, or angry and want to break stuff by Limp Bizket. This is a good way to make your emotions more bearable and easier to cope with.

Click here to listen to some truly relaxing music. 

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