Vegan Pregnancy

Vegan Pregnancy Week 1-3

So here I am -pregnant. As a mother of 3 amazing boys the thought of having more never truly left me, but deep in my heart I always know, that babies always come at the right time. So this will be the year for my baby N4 all being well and may all health and greatness support us.

What a feeling!

Once you have been pregnant , you can not mistake the way your body feels.

Nevertheless getting a pregnancy test was the best option for a Sunday evening.
And there is was. As positive as you can imagine. The line was so clear, there was no doubt in me any more.
I was feeling quite hazy and a bit all over the place in the first few weeks.

I normally eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables but my first thoughts were, “Oh no that means no wine for me at least till Christmas”. Well, once I got over that there wasn’t much really for me to worry about apart from caffeine. So I have been having only 2-3 cups a coffee a week and only the nice one.

This is my first vegan pregnancy.

So when it comes to vegan pregnancy and food I like to keep things very simple. First lots and lots of fresh leafy green vegetables and good quality raw fats like avocado, seeds, cold pressed oils and a squeeze a lemon juice or a few fresh tomatoes are always a must to absorb that so very important iron. Next thing beans beans and more beans. Every day I have been eating about 200 gr of cooked beans or nicely finishing a tub of hummus, but some days both.


In a matter of a few days I also noticed how much more relaxed and present I am becoming as I am thinking about this little baby and how every single thing I feel and take affects him or her.


I have also become very emotional. I almost cried when I saw my favourite tomatoes for sale. I feel like crying almost every morning when I am kissing my boys before they head off to school, but those are very happy tears.

Can I possibly give my baby the love that I give to my boys already. It’s been almost 8 years since I was pregnant last and quite a few since I was changing nappies and wiping faces. But Nature has thought of everything I just have to take care of what is depending on me bit by bit it all falls into place. I have plenty of time to adapt and adjust and prepare. I love the feeling of a new life and a new heartbeat.We are so very happy.

Thank you for stopping by.

Be well.
Lots of Love,

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