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Pregnant? The beanbag could be your best friend

We love everything beanbag related, and why not? Beanbags are loads of fun!

Nothing quite makes you relax like a beanbag – they are great for families and single people alike.
But did you know that they can also be used as medical equipment whilst you are pregnant? If you are suffering some of the most common problems associated with pregnancy, the beanbag can be your very best friend!
Did you know that beanbags make great tools to practice your antenatal lessons? So what are the benefits?
Sit down comfortably
Advances in medical technology mean that there are lots of gadgets and interesting tools to help make your pregnancy as easy as it can be.
Whether it is 4D imaging or hearing your baby’s heartbeat through headphones, the miracles of the modern day mean technology is there to support you through this time.
Something as simple as a beanbag can support your body weight and help with those pregnancy aches and pains.
What can you use?
A birthing mat and feeding friend meet the strict regulation on pregnancy tools to ensure that they protect both mother and baby.
BS: 5752 Compliant
2-way stretch
Fully taped seam-sealed
Breathable M.V.P.
Did you know that as a woman’s pregnancy progresses, their centre of gravity changes? This can mean that the female suffers issues with pain in their lower back and pelvis, brought on by the extra weight of carrying a child around.
Beanbags can provide support, which will help alleviate these symptoms.
The birthing mat

If you are having a home birth, this birthing mat is a sanitary, comfortable way to make your labour experience as relaxing as it possibly can be!
And don’t forget, disposable sheets are available so that this birthing mat fully complies with all medical standards.
This mat comes fully sealed, with high-frequency welding to prevent any fluids soaking into the beans inside, and to control the spread of infection as per hospital standards.
There are several benefits to having a birthing mat, the main one being that the mat allows the expectant mother to have the ideal labour experience.
They come in three different sizes:

Small – 4ft x 4ft
Medium – 5ft x 5ft
Large 6ft x 6ft
The feeding friend

Feeding your child is a unique bonding experience between mother and parent. Whether you choose to breast feed or bottle feed, you will be sitting in the same position for long in comfort.
It comes in a variety of different colours, and can be purchased as a single or double pillow – perfect if you have more than one little baby to feed!
And it is pregnancy safe, with the above features included.
Great Beanbags are proud to share our love of beanbags and make medically recommended products, designed specifically to help pregnant mothers. For more information, advice and tips on how you can plan for the birth of your new born child visit

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