Are you living in “the Now”?

Ivelina  —  January 1, 2018 — Leave a comment

I am I living in the Now? Are you living in the Now?

That one consent makes thousands of profit in the so called personal development business.

This one idea to be present and to live in “the f*@&ing  Now” is a multi dollar business.

Look at all the over hyped advertising campaigns about the Festive season and your next holiday destination.  I also hate the idea that people “need to find their purpose”. There is no purpose. We humans made that up.

Life is totally pointless until you decide it’s not. 

Having a purpose is a decision, not a discovery to be made suddenly. The purpose of sleep is to help you rest and restore, then you get up and go to the toilet and wash your face.

As a morning person I know what they mean when they say that it is important to pick some morning routine or as the gurus call them “morning rituals”. This wonderful idea might work for some people but not everybody likes to be up with the daylight like myself.

I have also read that the morning time between 3 am and 5 am it’s some mystical time for writers, creative thinkers and all kind of arty people, which I am not. It feels painful if I have to get up and write at that time.

Let’s be present and live in the Now. Oh, what a feeling! To become aware of yourself and your presence.  Is it really possible to live only in “the Now”. “Welcome to the present moment. The only moment that there is……..”

Yesterday I was shopping at one of the supermarkets. They have a massive artificial Christmas tree that said 53 sleeps till Christmas. I do appreciate their shareholders want to get paid and everyone else involved in the business. I guess supermarkets are not a great place to practice being present. 

Life is just a combination of contrasts.

I am making plans while living in the present. I am making goals while I am accepting things.

I love being nostalgic and over sentimental about memories from my childhood, well aware that those days are long gone. I love dreaming about future events that I will be involved with.

I constantly see what is wrong in the world, how much pain, suffering and unjustice there is while looking for the good in people and how a wonderful of a place we live in. 

I have to take responsibility about my life leaving guilt and grudge behind and constantly striving to become a better human being.

Life is more than just being present and living in “the Now”. It is this constant awareness that nothing lasts and the present moment is always fleeting. No matter what you are feeling one moment the next you might be feeling totally different.

Embrace every day and everything that comes with everything. If you haven’t been sad how can you possibly appreciate your moments of happiness.

The concept of living in “the Now”is  only there to remind us how fleeting and changeable everything is. There is no better moment than the present, but while you are in it it is already gone. 

I will finish this post with one of my favourite quotes of all time. 

Life sucks.And then it’s great.And then it sucks again.And then it;s great one more time. Until it sucks some more.And becomes great.



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