easy vegan pizza
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Vegan cooking with love and feelings

easy vegan recipes
spinach anyone? ūüôā

This week flew past very fast for me . I have been overwhelmed with school routines and doing home works with my boys and lots of other school related activities. I love being a part of my boys life , but sometimes I do not know where to draw the line. I want then to grow up independent , caring and inspired men. I would love  to be friends with them for life and I hope I am doing all I can to make this happen. Modern parenting is a funny thing . Anyway , today is Saturday and I finally get a chance to write and share with you a recipe , that I love .

When I cook I am never alone. In fact never when one cooks , cooks alone.

When I am cooking any of the easy vegan recipes I am taking myself into a journey every time. There is always something special in a meal and that is what makes it taste so good-the loving thoughtful and caring energy put into it to make it enjoyable and nourishing.

Since going vegan I came to realize, that vegan cooking means abundant cooking.Its simple , healthy and nourishing . Never mind that I have so many “helpers” with me . Beside the fact , that my boys are helping me every now and again I also have all the people in my life that I love.

Hope this doesn’t sound too unusual¬†. I mean that every person in my life has left a mark in my life. I believe, that everyone is unique and everyone is my teacher. Cooking my vegan recipes is like expressing my love of life towards everything and everyone. I use a lot of emotion and thought in everything I do and that is what makes me love it even more.

mamas haven
Oana from Mamas Haven

A friend of mine Oana , owner of Mama’s Haven ¬†posted on her Face book wall, that she has made as ¬†a sun dried tomato bread.You can see the original recipe on her blog.

So I thought to myself. “Oh, wow” I thought¬†¬†I would love to try a bit of ¬†some vegan home made bread ¬†, dipped in some hummus. So I decided¬†to bake one ¬†myself.

I didn’t have any sun dried tomatoes and going shopping would have only distract my enthusiasm to bake, so I said ¬†to myself “Lets think of something else”.

growing basil When I was a little girl my great granny used to grow basil in the garden of her summer house and every summer she would dry the big bunches of basil on the ceiling of the house. The smell of that real basil is living with me to this day, so as my great granny even if only in spirit…..I am so lucky to experience this magical love ¬†.

In the meantime I am making basil bread and I am there-in the little village house with my great granny and great grandpa surrounded by this warm and soft feeling of love and belonging. I know I belonged there when I was there.

Now I know I belong here,where I am making this basil bread with those ingredients.The feeling is nearly the same , but not exactly. My mother used to bake a lot of bread and she still does and every time I bake bread I feel I am with her in the times when there was no where for me to be….But now my love belongs here where I am now . So I started with my friend , then was my great granny , then my mother and all that is happening in ¬†the kitchen, where I am on my own. How interesting is that?

I love cooking , I love baking , I love bringing all the ingredients and flavours and love together. Its a treat and I truly love it.

vegan basil bread
Vegan Basil Bread

So here is what you need for the basil bread

3 cups of whole meal flour

1 and 1/2 tea spoons of backing soda

7 spoonfuls of milled flax seeds mixed with 7-8 spoonfuls of water to make it sticky

1 and 1/2 tea spoons of sea salt

generous ammount of basil (you can use anything , that you love -oregano, parsley , thyme)

1 cup of organic oat milk

7 spoonfuls of milled sunflower , pumpkin and sesame seeds (optional)

The process is very simple. In a large bowl mix the flour with the baking soda , then add the salt , the basil and your mixed seeds. In another small bowl mix the flax seeds with the water till you get this gooey mixture. Then combine them together and last add the oat milk. I like to use my hands, but if you  have  a dough mixer put it on the slowest speed as the mixture is quite sticky. Then with your floury hands put the mix into a floured backing tray. I use a ceramic one, but anything is good . Sprinkle with some flour and bake in a medium heat approx .170 for a fan oven for about 40-45 minutes. The bread is ready when you put a wooden stick through it and it comes dry.

roasted vegetables
Mixed roasted vegetables

Since I had the oven already on I decided to roast some vegetables.I chopped some cabbage, leeks, onions, red peppers, mushrooms , celery. Then place them is a tray and season with some salt, pepper and thyme, drizzle with olive oil and let them roast till they turn golden. Then add some white wine and roast for another 5-10 minutes.Next step is to add some tomato pasata and let it roast for another 25-30 minutes till everything is soft . Keep the heat as low as under 100 degrees as that is the best way to keep as much of the flavours as possible.

So here is an idea how to serve it. Slice the bread and place it on a plate. Put some of the veggies on it. Top it of with some chopped spinach and chopped fresh celery. The combination is really nice and satisfying.

easy vegan pizza
It tastes like pizza ūüėČ

This bread is also nice, dipped in some hummus or with some fresh tomatoes on the top, especially if you are eating it the next day , when the original freshness has faded a bit.
Thank you once again for joining me on my vegan journey.
Sending blessings and love

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Sending Blessings and Love

Basil is an amazing herb . Click here to read the amazing heath benefits of basil . 

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