Blogging is a “personal” invitation to share your awesomeness! 1000 day Challenge #6

Ivelina  —  December 14, 2013

When it comes to blogging there are a list of reasons to start one.Creating blog content might take a bit of time and effort .  As well as everything else a blog is a personal invitation to share your awesomeness. No matter what niche you are in there are many other people in the same niche as you. In today’s video I share with you what is the most important key in creating content for your blog , that will make it inviting and unique. Please press the play button to watch it. 


 In today’s life everything is personal. You have a personal assistant, personal stylist. You can personalize every item in your handbag and put a name badge or a sticker on everything that you wish for. Even your WordPress blog calls you by your first name. Making things personal makes them very special and you can they start to have a meaning to you because your name is on them. how to create content for your blog

In order for you to create awesome blog posts and connect with your readers as well as being “personal” you also have to give content, that has a purpose. Here is a list of blog ideas, that in my experience work best.Those are also a good starting point if you are still new and you are experimenting with blog formats and subjects. 

1. Write a touching story and include photographs 

2. Do a challenge and share your progress daily and invite others to join you 

3. Write about a personal struggle and what you’ve learned from it 

4. Share a collection of blogs, that you follow and love and promote their content 

5. Write a funny and a helpful list with tips 

6. Write something that you are inviting others to share with their friends 

7. Allow yourself to be opinionated and start a conversation about a subject , that you feel passionate about 

8. Write about things, that make people feel better about themselves 

9. Write about something that inspires others and motivates them to take action 

10. Share your recipes with beautiful photographs 


I do hope you find those Ideas useful and  feel inspired to start your blog if you haven’t started one yet .If you do have a blog may be one of the ideas on the list will inspire you to write a blog post. 

Happy Blogging, 

Lots of Love , 


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