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What is the difference between a writer an a blogger


What is a blogger? What is the difference between a blogger and a writer?

There are differences between a writer and a blogger.

Here are 4 distinguishing attributes that bloggers and writers have.

1.Them verses I
When you are a writer you will write everything in second or third person, which will make it sound more professional.

As a blogger though, I will write everything from my point of view as I am talking to my best friend. It is more conversational and easy on the eye in most cases.

2.Keywords versus dictionary

Writers have mastered the use of language and have an extensive dictionary that goes beyond the use of common words in my opinion. For a blogger, the choice of keywords is more important than the remarkable use of the dictionary.


Blogging is about finding the trendy way to express yourself . While doing that if you do a good keyword research you will get the love from the search engines. The longer posts you write the better.


3.Paragraphs and sentences 

Blogging is about short sentences and even shorter paragraphs. Bloggers like to skim over an article and not stretch a sentence beyond its means. It makes it easy to read and most people will read the highlighted words and also very likely will skip parts.

4.Size matters 

As a writer, I will have to write a well researched and properly punctuated article with over 500 or more words. There will be little or no space for my opinion unless I have the credibilities to share what I know.

As a blogger, on the other hand, I can write a short blog post if I like. It can be done in the form of a poem if I feel inspired to do so.

I am a blogger, as I feel that writing is for knowledgeable people.  I will be a better blogger when I  give myself permission to freely and openly share what I really think.

Thank you for reading this far.

Would love to read your thoughts. Do you consider yourself a blogger or a writer?


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