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10 reasons to eat local food by Cook Social

Cooking is one of the oldest and most fundamental human skills that we have kept for generations. There are hundreds and thousands of recipes that have been passed on every day.

Introducing Cook Social. This is a new enthusiastic marketplace lovingly created to help you rediscover local recipes, created by local people. Their mission is to help aspiring chefs share foods using local ingredients. By doing that, Cook Social is aiming to reduce waste and provide affordable healthy foods.

Here are some of the main reasons for eating local foods, cooked with love.

  1. It supports local farms– By choosing local foods you are helping to create local jobs in harvesting and distributing processes. 

2. Less waste– In most cases local foods travel a lot less, than the ones from the supermarket which will ensure less waste and less storage needs as the food can be topped up with fresh stock faster

3. Freshness– Supermarkets spend a great amount of money on packaging foods to prolong their freshness. Local foods spend a lot less time in transit and therefore it is fresher and less nutrients are lost compared to foods that have travelled miles to reach your store.

4. Local food is seasonal– In season, locally grown fruits and vegetables taste better than the ones artificially grown with gas and light bulbs. They are also perfect for creating a local dish. 

5. You know where your food comes from- More and more people want to know exactly where their food is coming from and how the food is grown. It makes a difference when you know that the food you are eating comes not far from where you are living.

6. It supports the local economy– Money is spent in the community. Local foods prepared by local chefs are the simplest way to ensure sustainable economy. It connects you with the people who harvest it and make it.

7. Good for the environment- When you are eating locally sourced food you are investing in the local soil and resources. Local food is “greener” than organic as it has a lot less impact. Study done in 2015  and published in the Journal Food Policy encourages consumers to buy food in the radius of 20 km. Road miles create a lot less pollution than air miles. 

8. Get more diverse food– It is well known that supermarkets have established certain standards for produce and most consumers have expectations about it as well. But real food is a lot more diverse. How about looking for some black tomatoes, purple carrots or yellow beetroots. 

9. There is a wonderful story behind it– Knowing where your food comes from, who grows it and how it’s grown creates a beautiful story to share while enjoying your food at a dinner party.

10. Meet your neighbours– Eating local is social in many levels. Studies show that people who do their shopping at farmers markets have 10 times more conversations than the people who shop at the supermarkets. It is a wonderful way to build relationships and support your community.



If you want to learn more about Cook.Social please visit them here. As an aspiring cook   who wants to share their recipes please click here and get in touch. 

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