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How To Make A Meditation Space That Will Take You To A New Level

Are you ready for the ultimate in meditation? We have some of the best tips to create a space that is fully your own!

1) Find The Perfect Room

Look at the areas in your home and choose one that feels perfect for you. Is this going to be an area where you will be able to find your place in the world? It does not have to be an entire room either, you just need to be able to niche out a small section that is going to meet your needs. To create a separate place of solitude, simple bamboo screens can be placed up.

2) Choose The Simple Life

In this case, less is truly going to be more. You only need the bare basics for your meditation space such as candles, pillows, and a comfortable rug.

3) Invite Nature In

In its simplest form, meditation is all about connecting with nature and being comfortable in your own skin and surroundings. When you add certain aspects of nature it helps you to bring balance to your life and allows an easier connection. There is no need for a rain forest a simple plant or vase of fresh cut flowers will suffice or even a relaxing fountain like these from Soothing Walls. You may even want to add a small fountain to enjoy the sound of trickling water.

4) Let Music Soothe your Battered Soul

While music is not essential it can truly help for those of us who live in busy cities or have incredibly noisy neighbours. Likewise, the trickling fountain we talked of earlier can help to remove the noise of the outer world from your inner sanctum. Here is some good music.

5) Let The Scents Fill The Room

There are many aromas that can help soothe a person and bring a sense of tranquility to the room. You can use a combination of candles, oils, or incense to achieve the desired scent. Many enjoy a variety of candles in the room as the flame in itself is quite relaxing.


6) Put Yourself In The Room

Remember that this is your space and there is nothing wrong with putting a little of yourself into it. Find the things that you love in life an add them on a small shelf or on the wall. They can be pieces of art, crystals, or even paint the room in your favorite colors. You will find that the room is more enjoyable to come into when it is filled with your personality.

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