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3 Advantages of LED lighting vs OLED Technology

3 Advantages of LED lighting vs OLED Technology

Technology keeps growing and advancing, and with the advancement, new things keep emerging every other day. After the introduction and development of LED lighting that became a phenomenal trend throughout the world, a new technology emerged, known as OLED. While OLED promises to be more efficient and energy saving, LED still hasn’t lost its ever-growing popularity. OLED might seem like a more affordable one to pick, but it hasn’t slipped the mind of experts that LED continues to be a trend. So why should you choose LED over OLED? Let’s have a look at the advantages of LED lighting over OLED.

3 Advantages of LED lighting vs OLED Technology

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LED lighting is still way more cost efficient than OLED, and it is going to remain so for a long time. OLED might offer a great deal of development in its design, but LED even for cars and trucks as displayed here will continue to reign over the lighting business for ages now. The reasons for this being that the prices of LED are decreasing day by day, and it is not entirely unknown. OLED promises organic light, but the costs of it are far higher than LED, which makes it less desirable to consumers anyway. It is common knowledge that consumers would look at the price of anything before thinking of buying it, and when it comes to lighting, it becomes all the more important. LED lights offer everything and more with low prices, unlike OLED, which boasts of a good service but the costs of it are not completely reliable. It might become popular in the markets due to its attractiveness in design, but LED light will continue to be preferred because of its low costs.

Energy Efficiency

No matter how many claims OLED lights make about being energy efficient and environment friendly, LED lights are way more energy efficient and have been from the beginning. The eco friendly nature and


lowest energy consuming aspect, along with having a great life, which requires next to no maintenance says a lot about the competence and resourcefulness of LED lights compared to other light sources including that of OLED. OLED lights are still at the learning stage when it comes to energy consumption and eco friendliness, while LED lights have evolved much further, having given greater assurance to consumers than OLED lights could. In the near future, it doesn’t actually seem as though OLED will take over the LED technology, mainly because of its greater cost efficiency and environment responsive nature. Neither does OLED promise a greater life expectancy, nor does it assure low maintenance costs and purchase costs. LED, on the other hand, promises just that and more, ensuring its desirability from consumers. Perhaps OLED might develop into a better version of itself later on in the future, but so far it seems as though LED is still overpowering the market.


OLED comes with a design that seems appealing to a consumer, but it is a revolution in design and appearance, not one in technology. Its namesake and design makes it more attractive to people, but those who know their needs know that LED is still much better an option than OLED. Granted that OLED lights are more striking and seem like an innovation in the technology of lighting, LED offers far more proficient factors when compared. Beauty is always given the better preference when it comes to most things in the eye of us human beings, and OLED does seem like the better option in appearance, but LED promises so much more with a low cost that continues to lower with time, and a life and sustainability that is far greater than that of OLED. It is then up to the consumer to choose the right one based on their preference, which is why one must look at all of the factors instead of just looking at the appearance of it.

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