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Do you have to be famous to make money online?

These days some of the most famous people have never appeared in a movie or wrote a book. There is such a thing as “Instagram Rich List“.

Take Sommer Ray for an example she makes over $86 000 for each post she posts on Instagram.

Sommer Ray

I am she works a hell of a lot to be paid that well. She joined Instagram in 2015 and obviously, she took it very seriously. She is not an average model and some of her posts are quite revealing, but that’s what brings her all the popularity.

Some of her posts are quite sexual and that’s one of the reasons she is so popular.

The thing about this kind of fame is, that new fresh and younger models come and go all the time, but that was fame is.

Instagram is only an example of online fame. You can find your fame on You Tube, Facebook or Pinterest.

So this got me thinking how can anyone make money online if they don’t have some kind of audience to buy their stuff. Some call it followers, fans, customers, a tribe, in other words, real people who like and trust you and are happy to spend their time in money into a direction you send them to.

Long term online business success is based not just on fame, but also on value and consistency.

Marketing your business is based on bringing the right people to your message, your website blog, shop or whatever you are selling.

how to show off your remarkable self online

In order to make money online, in my opinion, you have to be famous in a way, that suits your business model.

The more people see your message and come to your website the more money you will make. On the social media platforms, you will get paid more per post depending on how many people are following you are your fans.

In other words, if you are building an online business keep them followers coming, don’t ever put a lid on it.

Regardless of what you are selling online your business can benefit from its own website/blog.

This is day 2 of a 30 day Blogging Challenge, that I started yesterday.

Thank you so much for reading this far. If you are on Instagram, follow me @mothernaturelovesyou. I will follow you back!

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