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3 Common Causes of Back Pain

3 Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain affects millions of individuals in the UK, and whilst the reasons why pain is suffered vary from person to person, there are common causes that remain. Take a look at these three common causes of back pain, and work towards preventing problems in everyday life.
Bad posture will hurt your back!
Your mother always told you to sit up and keep your back straight, and for good reason. Bad posture is common in people who suffer chronic and acute back pain. Correcting your posture now, particularly when driving or sitting in the same position for a prolonged period of time, will go some way in preventing episodes from occurring in the future. However, resolving your current back pain issue may be a little trickier.
Seeking help from a physiotherapist such as offers a long term solution to any back pain problem, and your physiotherapist can assist you in learning the techniques that you can practice at home to prevent issues from reoccurring.

common causes of back pain
Muscle overuse – listen up!
Whilst leading a healthy and active lifestyle unlocks a number of benefits for individuals of all ages, overusing and overstretching your muscles will do more harm than good, particularly if you haven’t warmed up correctly. Again physiotherapist sessions can help treat sports-related injuries that have caused back pain. Manual therapy is just one of the methods used by physiotherapists to manipulate and mobilise affected muscles.
Medical conditions to be aware of
Whilst the majority of back pain problems are the result of your lifestyle, there are a series of medical factors that mean this type of pain is just one of the symptoms. Pain in the lower back in particular may indicate an underlying condition, such as sciatica or a prolapsed disc. Back pain can also be a sign of much more serious conditions such as fractures, cancer or spinal infections.

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