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26 days of Honest Blogging

I am no longer feeling like I am blogging as I intent to. Intentions are useless when are not followed by some form of action. 

I like having the excuse, that having a baby is hard work, that breastfeeding is demanding and that my house work is never done, but that is just the reality of motherhood. 

I miss writing and I will actively force myself to write every day for the month of august. Luckily for me at this moment baby Xander Boryan is sleeping in the arms of Stellios and I am sitting on the sofa with my chrome book.


Baby Xander Boryan sleeping in his brother’s arms. #brotherlylove #babylove #brothers #motherofboys

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My intention with this 26 day Honest Blogging is to write about a different topic  as honestly as possible. I want to learn to be more opinionated as a blogger and rediscover my blogging voice again. 

I have chosen to blog 26 days as the number of letters in teh English alphabet, so each blog post will be a word beginning with a letter. I will complete the challenge when I have written a blog post with each letter of the alphabet.  

There have been countless early mornings when I will wake up and while feeding baby Xander I will be writing blog posts in my head. What a waste of energy, as they are now all gone. 

I don’t like calling myself “mummy blogger” as I don’t think parenting is a favourite topic of mine.I am a mother, yes and there are days and days when that it is all I seem to be doing-mothering, nurturing and caring. Honestly as wonderful and fulfilling motherhood is, it is only an aspect of me. 

Speaking of honesty recently I have realised, that I am almost afraid to show any form of weakness, especially in front of my boys. I do not want them to see me needy or desperate.

 I will be including a few reviews, that I have been procrastinating to publish for almost 6 months now. I know that the only way out of this feeling of unfinished business is through it.

Thank you for reading. 




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