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5 Reasons Why Dogs Feel Troubled When You Leave

                                                                                                                                                                                           Photo by tmrsms, CC0 1.0

Many dog owners experience issues with their pets when they leave them alone at home. Some dogs are destructive and can harm people or experience great anxiety during this time period. The stress of being separated from their owners is hard for dogs to handle, especially young puppies. In case of any injury caused by the dogs during the tough time knowingly or unknowingly, assistance can be provided by a Dog Bite Attorney.

You may be wondering what your dog is thinking and why they struggle, even if you are only gone for a short period of time. To understand what they are feeling, you have to understand the mentality of dogs. You may assume it is based on the breed, but even the specialty breed dogs experience this same issue. Here are some of the reasons they feel so troubled.

1.Lack of Human Leadership

Owners tend to treat their canine pets like a human, but dogs are quite different humans. It is critical to remember they are pack animals and designed to live amongst a group. In a dog pack, leaders can leave, but the followers have to stay with the leader. Most often, dogs view themselves as your protector and your leader. They feel responsible for your family. When you leave without them, it causes them great stress. Your dog is worried something will happen to you.

2.You Aren’t the Pack Leader

As mentioned in the first reason, your dog may believe he is your pack leader. This is a problem. You need to assert yourself as the pack leader and not vice versa. The best way to do this is to make your dog work. Dogs in an actual pack are trained from a young age. They have to wait for food, wait to play, and only travel as far as their mother allows. They need rules and limitations set by you so you can be established as the pack leader.

You need to take on the same mentality. Set time periods your dog eats and take them on a walk before they can eat. Only give your dog food when he is calm and submissive. Toys such as the Kong Stuffing or Busy Buddy help keep your dog occupied, and they have to work for their food.

Frequent exercising can help the very energetic animals. When you take your dog for a walk, make sure he walks beside or behind you. Give him commands and make him stop while on the walk. Also, have your dog move out of your way because the alpha never walks around his followers.

3.Lack of Exercise

If you leave for extended periods of time, your dog may have a great deal of energy built up, which can result in behavioral problems. Once you leave, this stress is magnified, and your poor dog is left struggling to handle their energy. It is a great idea to aim for a morning walk before you head to work. Exercise is a crucial component of our canine’s health.

4.Only Dog in the House

Dogs handle themselves much better when they have a canine friend. It is much easier for them to handle their human leaving when they still part of their pack at home. You can still crate them if you believe it is necessary, but keep their crates beside each other to help relieve tension.

5.Traumatic Event

It is possible your dog experienced trauma in his past. Did you ever leave your dog in a kennel for an extended vacation? He may have spent some time in a kennel or dog shelter that has left him feeling traumatized. In these cases, it may be very difficult to help your dog handle the stress of you leaving. With obedience classes and training, your dog should be able to overcome the stress.

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