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Some health tips about running

Some health tips about running.

Running is one of the most injury-prone sport. There are many errors running concept has influenced everyone. And many of the runners study that how to run fast rather than how do I run do not hurt. In the study, “how to run no injury” theory, and implied a lot of “injury prone” trap.

Run easy to hurt what place?

1.knee. The recognized, no question. Problem is, does not hurt the knee method.

2.ankle. Especially in the rough road. This, many people approach is to choose shoes. These tend to be useless.

3.head. In the hard way, heel, and has impact on brain function.

4.lungs. The result of air pollution.

5.heart. Excessive hard training. Something that has happened, when somebody running, suddenly passed away.

6.the stomach. Running cause blood flow to the feet, lack of blood in the stomach, over time, just sick to your stomach.

7.the genitals. Running sweat pants must be worn. But if we do not change, over time, under humid and hot, go wrong.

How to correct running? I intentionally avoided using the “Science” of the word, since more than 20 years, I at least read 200 running serious talk about science article, in fact, no articles are scientific. Of course, every one, has a worthy place. This is very special.


Correct way to run:

1.running slope not big slope. Pair. This is the best way to run. Absolutely true. Hill, of course. Run another 10 degrees or so uphill, 100 metres, equivalent to run 500 meters. Almost no flat roads, but those hazards. Because when uphill, feet, nearly. Ground reaction force is small, on the knees, ankles, brain damage, immediately reduce the most. Meanwhile, running slope is hard enough, can reduce one run, 10 km, 20 km run is kind of exciting. Runs farther away, the likelihood of injury.

2.runs in a familiar environment. Reduce the chance run unfamiliar roads. A familiar environment, the body runs, will in the next six months, adapt to it.

3.when running, don’t lift the foot too high. People emptied down, halving the height gained momentum four times times. Some people accustomed to and liked that feeling of empty, for a long time, will hurt his knee. can select some suitable shoes, running shoes are good choices, consider this type of new balance trainers, of course, you can also have their own different choices. Just comfortable on the line, not necessarily to go for many functions. time less than 30 minutes. You should then rest 10 minutes, then run. Or, run for 30 minutes. Then, in two hours, have the opportunity to lie down, knees, heart, completely relaxed. not run every day. matter what the road of “Advanced” what high-tech material laying, do not run longer than 2 hours.

8.if the air is bad, don’t run. Don’t run.

9.if tiring, no running to relax. Does have this effect.

10.on “knee pads” and “ankle” and “belt”, “heart rate test,” “pedometer” and “goggles” are not used. As long as you don’t feel well, do not run. In this way, the most secure. With them, cooks.

11.squat instead of running.

12.squats under the 15-minute run + 80 + 80 bend forward and backward than running a marathon, effects on the body, to make good times.

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