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An Overview On Important Environment Laws Which Protect The Natural Environs

An Overview On Important Environment Laws Which Protect The Natural Environs
The Endangered Species Act is a significant law in the environment history. This law has been able to stop extinction of various kinds of animals. Tribes, local communities and states are working towards conservation solutions which work towards saving endangered species. Last year there were 20154 species across the world which was endangered. 58 species are no longer in the list. These statistics reveal that there has been a positive impact of the law. The success rate of the law has been high. With a regulation on pesticides states have been able to save the Bald Eagle.
Protecting endangered species
The Endangered Species Act is one of the most stringent statutes which has been implemented. This Act can impede both private and federal projects if they threaten the endangered species and the environment. The main focus of the law is to allow developments which take place with the species being protected. The Endangered Species Act is administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. One of the greatest advantages of the ESA is that it benefits people by maintaining healthy natural systems. ESA is one of the strongest and one of the most important federal laws which protects the life of plants and animals which are in peril.


Environment Laws
Implementation of Clean Water Act
Another environmental law which needs mention is the clean water act. Years ago the water was safe for fishing and swimming. But in recent timers most of the water bodies are contaminated. The Clean Water Act is one of the federal laws which protect the health of the nation’s water bodies. It takes into account the growing concern over water pollution. The main objective of this Law is to restore the water in the state. It strives to eliminate discharge of pollutants in the nation’s water and achieve higher quality level of water which makes it ideal for swimming and fishing.
Controlling water pollution
The Clean Water Act includes technical tools and financial assistance which is used to address causes of pollution and low water quality. It includes issues related to discharge of industrial wastewater polluted runoff from both urban and rural areas. According to the Clean Water Act most industries have to meet performance standards to ensure that pollution is controlled. According to this law states have to develop pollution control programs. Funds are provided to states and communities which help them to meet the clean water infrastructure needs.
About Clean Air Act
The Clean Air Act is a federal environment law which has been designed to control air pollution in the national level. Amendments in the law address problem related to acid rain, toxic air pollution and ozone depletion. The Act was one of the major environment laws in United States which has included a provision for citizen suits. Tis piece of legislation is aimed at reducing smog and air pollution. The new amendments in the law have established requirements for gasoline formation as well. Some pollution problems which have been addressed by the Act are acid rain, toxic air pollutants and chemical emissions which deplete the ozone layer.
Important objectives
The Clean Air Act also addresses the problems which are related to regional haze which impairs vision in parks.it also addresses greenhouse gases which have a negative impact on the environment. Some important objectives of the Clean Air Act are to reduce the concentration of air pollutants and reduce harmful emissions which can lead to harmful health problems. Another important objective is to phase out the production of chemicals which can destroy the ozone layer. With this act there has been a major change in the role of the government in air pollution control.
Author Bio: Kylie Denver is an environmentalist who feels that environment laws are very important. Read more about environment laws to gather more information on important issues.

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