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Benefits of Mineral Water Facial Spray from Royal Canadian

“If you won’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.” Think water think healthy skin. Pure water is one of the best kept beauty secrets, but it is not a secret for you any more. The experts from The Royal canadian Laboratories understand that the secret to beautifully glowing youthful skin is water. 

Water is the essential component for the effective functioning of your body’s system. As the biggest organ in your body your skin requires a daily dose of the best possible water you can afford. The same applies to the products that you use on your face or anywhere on your body. Choose products that are natural and you would benefit from them in many possible ways. 

Drinking a sufficient amount of water every day contributes to the health and the vitality for your body, but it is also especially beneficial for a glowing and healthy looking skin. 

The Mineral Water Facial Spray is packed with unique minerals and it is an instant tonic for your face. It is ultra gentle and it is suitable for all skin types

This is a exquisite and gentle mist, that you can use even on the most sensitive skin. You can use it daily as a part of your beauty routine and also after sun exposure as a gentle soother and a kind refresher to your skin.

It contains 100% natural ingredients and the list of the ingredients is very short. This is a sign of an amazing quality product as it contains nothing but pure water with unique minerals.

Products with ingredients that you can’t pronounce or don’t know what they are, might be popular but they are better avoided. Many of the most popular brands on the market today contain animal ingredients and toxic cocktail of ingredients, which are very harmful for your skin especially used long term. 

Pure clear mineral water in a true skin elixir. This is what the mineral water facial spray is about-purity, vitality and freshness EVERY TIME YOU USE IT. 

Here are some of the amazing benefits that using the mineral water facial spray is giving you.

1. The perfect balance of minerals will enrich your skin. You probably know from experience that sea and ocean water dries the skin, even if it’s abundant with minerals. The mineral water facial spray delivers nutrients for your skin from deep beneath the earth and would leave your skin feeling fresh and you would get that dewy look, that is hard to beat. 

2. It would make your makeup look flawless and smooth. If you apply the spray from a fair distance of your face and let it penetrate your face the skin will absorb it. This would give your skin a nice plumpy healthy look and in a few minutes it would be ready for your make up. 

3. Does your morning skin routine in a flash. By simply spraying your face with it you are giving your face the most natural waking up and the best part is that it only takes less than 10 seconds to do it.

4. Water is an amazing anti-aging treatment. Water would keep your face glowing and fresh anytime of the day. With age and air exposure your skin loses vitality and hydrating it regularly would keep its youthfulness. 

5. It’s a water therapy for your face at your finger tips. Using the Mineral Water Facial Spray you would save time and money on visits to a beauty salons. Applying the spray on your face would give you that after salon feeling. 

Overall the Mineral Facial Spray from Royal Canadian Laboratories would make a great addition to your beauty routine and also it has it’s place in your bathroom cabinet. Investing your skin is an investment in your health. Looking after your face skin gives you also a boost in confidence and when you feel good you look good, too. 

For more information, contact and how to order please visit Royal Canadian Laboratories website.  

For the latest news and offers and more information follow Royal Canadian laboratories on Twitter,  Facebook, Pinterest. you can also subscribe the their YouTube channel.



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