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Cause and cure of low stomach acid

Cause and cure of low stomach acid
Stomach acid is the most crucial element in living a healthy life. Healthy life depends upon how your digestion is and which in turn depends whether you have the right amount of acid in the stomach. Most of the time we hear about things like excessive acid, acidity, acid reflux and think excessive acid is the cause of all of the other. But to the contrary it is the opposite that is true most of the times. Acid reflux, acidity is caused by the low stomach acid not by excessive amount of acid.
Healthy digestion depends upon whether you have right amount of acid or not. Acid production is a continuous process which our body does it all the time. If the digestion is healthy it means body is producing right amount of acid. However if the digestion is weak, one of the most important factor could be that body is not producing enough acid which leads to poor digestion. Poor digestion could trigger number of problems in the stomach such as constant bloating, swelling in the stomach, deficiency of vitamins, constipation and much more. As a result of which you could feel number of secondary symptoms such as acidity, acid reflux, chest burning, IBS and stomach cramps.

low stomach acid

The reason behind having a low stomach acid could be many. It could be aging, sedentary life style, low stomach acid producing diet or body ailment. It is very important to root cause the reason for low stomach acid. If there is no infection or disease in the body then most of the times one can just cure this problem by just maintaining a disciplined life style and maintain a good healthy diet.
Remedy: Apple Cider Vinegar
One of the easiest and quickest ways to get rid of low stomach acid is Apple Cider Vinegar Make sure you buy Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. One table spoon 10 minutes before each meal can give you immediate relief from the low stomach acid symptoms. However to get rid of the low stomachic acid symptoms completely in a natural way one needs to work on his or her diet. For example making good fats such as Butter, Avocadoes as part of daily diet and cutting down on fried foods and unhealthy Carbohydrates can make lot of difference in curing low stomach acid symptoms. One can read more about benefits of eating healthy food on number of resources available online. To read more about the cause of low stomach acid and possible cures, please go through the following link

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