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Dust and Mites Covers for Allergies

Dust and Mites Covers for Allergies
Dust mites can cause allergy which in turn can cause a substantial amount of discomfort and trouble. Every adult sheds skin every day and the amount is around half grams. Dust mites feed on this skin and are culprits of causing allergies which can make you visit an allergist. These mites are microscopic beings and can be found everywhere around the house. From your bedding to the carpets they can survive where there is dead skin. So, it is always a good idea to use mite protectors or in other words mite pure mattresses and pillow covers.
Let’s understand what are these mites? And what kinds of allergic reactions they can cause:
Dust mites can reach every part of the land where there is an existence of humans or animals. These mites gets multiplied and in numbers in warm and humid areas. Generally they can be found inside the house where there is abundance of food like dead skin of humans and pets and mold spores etc. Due to increasing pollution and bad eating habits, Humans basically urban society has become sensitive towards allergy and these mites are capable of inducing allergic reactions and increasing the intensity of already existing allergy. They can cause itchy and watery eyes, constant sneezing, sore throat, itchy nose, skin itching and rash and even can trigger asthma and make it worse.

Steps to reduce the presence and effect of dust mites in your house:
• Dust mite proofing your bed
Use mattress and pillow covers which are mite proof. The covers made from Vinyl or plastic with zipper in them can keep these dust mites away from entering the mattress or pillow. Also they are easy to clean. Generally the outer cover of these protectors is made of nylon, hence they are comfortable to use.
• Regular cleaning can reduce the presence of these mites
The favorite places of these mites are carpets, upholsteries, bedding and curtains. Wash these entities regularly and wash them in warm water as cold water does not kill these mites. Also keep your stuff toys clean and keep them away from the bed.

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