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Choc Chick Chocolate Kit Review-pleasure you can’t measure

choc chick chocolates
Welcome to all chocolate lovers!

Almost everybody loves chocolate. From all the people I know I can not think of one person who doesn’t enjoy some form of chocolate.

I think I know why “Chocolate is the foods of the Gods”.

Every time you take a bite of chocolate your taste buds send little tingling message to your brain that brings you some form of pleasure. Yes, and eating the Choc Chick Raw Chocolate truffles is a pleasure you can’t possibly measure. I was so excited to be given the opportunity to make and enjoy these little chocolate monsters. I had plenty of help while making them and overall the whole thing was a complete success. 

I love to see products that are vegan friendly, but also very balanced and healthy without compromising on taste and price. The market of luxurious chocolates, that are nutrient and free from additives and toxic ingredients is booming, as more and more people become aware of what is in their food and where it comes from. 

The chocolate truffles  are so easy to make -my boys had fun making them under my supervision. 

choc chick chocolate
2 of my sons helping me. You can notice the concentration in their faces. 🙂

I received the beautiful package and I was so looking forward to make it. I made it with the help of my 2  boys, while their older brother was comfortably reading the last book of the Harry Potter collection knowing that he, too would be enjoying them once they are made. Being involved in the making of the chocolate truffles gave my boys even more reasons to keep trying it to make sure it’s all going to plan and up to their taste. 

There are many ways to make anything unhealthy if you want to. But the experts in Choc Chick have created an amazing and nutrient dense snack for everyone to enjoy their own way. Here is why. 



choc chick chocolate kit
Make it your way with some hazelnuts, almonds and goji berries

The main ingredients in the kit are RAW and UNprocessed which keeps all the goodness and them and provides an incredible richness in flavour and pure satisfaction. You may already know that processed and cooked chocolate losses most of its nutrients and you have to eat a ton of it in order to feel the deep pleasant taste that a few raw chocolate truffles can provide. 

Raw cacao powder is known to boost your antioxidant and magnesium levels and also improve your mood. The fact that Choc Chick is made with raw cacao butter adds even more value to your chocolates. Whether you are vegan, like me,  or simply enjoy a good quality chocolate Choc Chick is for you. The cacao butter is what really adds the depth into the flavour of the truffles. I have had cacao butter before and it is like a silky deep elixir when mixed with the cacao powder and the sweetness. 
I do hope that you get a chance to try the Choc Chick Chocolates. If you live in UK they will be with you in a day or two.

The Choc Chick chocolate are made with “Sweet Freedom” another amazing sweetness that comes from nature but it is miles away from processed sugar.

The method couldn’t be easier. Melt the butter.Add the sweetness and the cacao powder.Mix well.Add some extras if you like. Place into molds.Voala! Nevertheless when you order your starter kit you will receive a booklet with 5 recipes ideas that will inspire you to make other nice things as well. 

 After the 20 minutes in the freezer we couldn’t wait to eat them. Here is how they turned out. Full of flavour and so so nice.

choc chick chocolate kit
There they are all nice and shiny. Enjoy!

The truffles melt in your mouth and your taste buds are sent to chocolate heaven. The bonus of getting the starter kit is that I also have some of the raw cacao powder and the sweet freedom left and I am looking forward to make some hot chocolate drink for my boys and also make some chocolate cookies for all of us to enjoy.

I highly recommend you to go and visit the Choc Chick chocolate range.For a change this is a chocolate that is truly good for you! Enjoy! It’s too good to share 🙂 

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