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Koko-Coconut milk Review

Milk is a staple food in most houses. I am always very happy when I can share with you any non dairy milk products and alternatives. As a vegan I love seeing my family and friends enjoying every vegan product there is. Koko coconut milk is one of them.


My boys love the @kokodairyfree drinks. Very handy for the lunch box as well. #foodblogger #review

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I want to introduce you a wonderful dairy free brand of milk-Koko Dairy Free.

Koko Dairy Free is a family owned company specializing in growing and producing  finest coconuts. The company prides itself in producing some of the best coconut based products including coconut milk, coconut spread, coconut yoghurt and coconut oil. 

Coconuts, like most plants, are naturally packed with numerous nutrients. Fresh matured coconuts produce a fine coconut milk. Koko Dairy Free is making it very easy to consume less animal products while delivering a great quality coconut based products. 

I was delighted to be given a chance to review a wonderful range of their milk range.


Morning coffee with coconut milk. #simplepleasures Thank you @kokodairyfree

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The Original Koko Coconut milk works perfectly in my espresso as you can see above. I like it’s rich and lightly nutty taste without being overpowering in any way. It is also nice in tea according to the tea drinkers in the family, including myself from time to time. 

The Original coconut milk also comes in two variations-strawberry and chocolate .Packaged in a smaller carton (250 ml) ideal for picnics, school lunch bags and on the go.

As well as that you can enjoy Koko Redused Fat Milk, which is very light and it is ideal for making smoothies instead of water. It has 39% less fat than the Original and it is just as nice. 

All of the Koko coconut milks are enriched with Calcium, Vitamin D2, Vitamin B12.


My two youngest sons enjoying some chocolate milk for breakfast. Baby is too young to try it,but I am having some so he will get some indirectly. #dairyfree #chocolatemilk #vegan Thank you @kokodairyfree

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The chocolate coconut milk is nice cold or hot. My boys prefer it cold, but a friend of ours enjoyed it hot as well. The small cartons are a winner as a tasty option in the school lunch bag. 

The strawberry coconut milk is sweet fruity and milky. I will be using it as a base for making strawberry ice cream.I would definitely recommend you to drink it cold. It is refreshing and so nice.

The benefits of drinking coconut milk are well known. It is naturally packed with vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6 and minerals including iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.  As well as being suitable for lactose intolerant or soy sensitive people coconut milk is a great choice milk for anybody who doesn’t want to take dairy milk. 

Personally I find it great in coffee, good for your cereal or simply on its own as a nice refreshing drink. 

You can buy it from most major supermarkets, including ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and it is also available on Ocado and Holland & Barrett. 

I am looking forward to trying the coconut yoghurt made by Koko Dairy free and I am almost sure it will be a winner for the family,too. 




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