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Clapham personal trainer-why having a personal trainer can transform your health?

Clapham personal trainer-why having a personal trainer can transform your health?

As you know in my blog posts I tend to talk about health and wellness, but a subject I rarely mention is exercise.You can eat the healthiest foods and like myself, you can be on a vegan diet, but if you are missing out on a regular exercise routine your body won’t work at its peak level.

We have all decided in the past to go on various healthy diets and exercise routines. Unfortunately a lot of these diets and exercise routines have not lasted very long. Let’s face it, in many cases, we are not the best people to hold ourselves accountable.Clapham personal trainer

That is where having your own Clapham personal trainer working with you to devise a tailored health and fitness routine can get you the results you are looking for. As you know many people, who are very fit or successful athletes tend to exercise or workout with other similar people, who will encourage them to push themselves to higher levels or intensity of training.

Do you ever start on a fitness program and get lost along the way? You are not alone. Believe me.I can assure you, if you have an accountability partner calling you daily, telling you what you need to do to achieve that higher level of health and fitness or someone  beside you, to show you the ropes, this will make your life much easier when trying to achieve your desired results.

Clapham Personal trainer-Gerald Smith

Here are some of the benefits of having a personal trainer like Gerald Smith.

  • He will  come to whatever location is convenient to you, whether that is a park, your home, or a studio.
  • Your training will always occur in a location, that will  suit you.
  • You will get your training in a fun and engaging manner
  • Gerald will ensure, that your training is fun and convenient for you and of course he will also come to your location
  • Gerald is certified with a  REPS Level 3 Qualification in Exercise, Nutrition, and Health.He is also a  member of BASES , plus a regular contributor to H2Open.Gerald has articles on many different aspects of fitness, which also appear  in Men’s Running, BodyFit, and Triathalon Plus.
  • The great thing about Gerald is, that he will also  design a program that focuses on your specific goals.
  • You will have to do some work , but Gerald will make the work  very engaging , dynamic and fun. 


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