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Cute Newborn And New Parents Gifts For Every Budget

Description: Gifts are usually confusing. What will you purchase and why? We look at many cool, tried and tested gifts for newborn babies and parents that don’t require big budget spending.

It can be very difficult to pick gifts for newborn children and their parents. A lot of the time people go for the wackiest and zaniest technology, but children don’t need to be entertained by robots! Nor do they need something that just doesn’t make sense like army toys – these are not appropriate gifts for a newborn boy. Better get them some overnight diapers instead. When you’re not sure what to do, scouring the internet at countless newborn gifts for girl websites to no avail, we are here to provide some ideas of what to buy.

Silicone bath toys

Have you ever cut open a rubber bath toy and found the hideous, toxic black mould within? Purchasing some fun little silicone bath toys are a much softer and hygienic type of toy to play within the bath. Children will want a lot of entertainment when they are sitting around and splashing the water. New parents will appreciate just how entertained a set of bath toys can be for their child.

Nasal aspirator

It may not sound like the most exciting of purchases, but buying nasal aspirator is certainly useful. You can actually get some delightful and adorable models that are a lot more effective than most blue rubber bulbs. Every parent requires quick and easy ways of giving their little child some much-needed nasal relief.

Poppable pacifiers

It is an irritating fact that babies drop their pacifiers and thrown around all the time. You can’t exactly wipe the dirt off of them and stick them back into their mouth. However, you can purchase a palpable pacifier – it’s made of silicon and pops back into a protective shield when a child drops it. How neat is that? There are also free from lead and safe to put into the dishwasher.

Portable baby changing station

Every single bag can act as a diaper bag and you’ve got a portable changing station on your hands. Simply slip this station inside any backpack or alternatively clip it onto the handle of your stroller. They can hold the right amount of wipes and diapers for any outing, plus they usually contain washable changing pads that can easily be rinsed off in any sink. You’ll never have to lug around an entire arsenal of cleaning products in a large bag ever again.

On the go booster

Booster seats are incredibly heavy and inconvenience for parents to handle. On the go, booster seats are brilliant because they can slip easily into any backpack. Every top-mom will love these as they’re also light and easy to carry. By no means is safety compromised with these products either – they all adhere to vehicle and motor vehicle safety standards.

Rad dad t-shirt

Sometimes new parents can feel like their life has been ruined in the best possible way when they have kids. You can remind any exhausted father that they are still a young, cool rock star with a 1980s themed T-shirt sporting the slogan “rad dad”. Alternatively, choose any shirt with a whimsical and humorous message. You’ll be surprised how many different slogans are available online. We’ve even found some companies that will donate the profits made from these T-shirts to child-related charities.

Baby carrier

It can provide a lot of relief and comfort to put your baby inside a carrier. There are all sorts of adjustable, lightweight and simple products. You may be surprised just how much weight they can actually hold! Most of them will hold at least 40 pounds with ease, making it easy even for a child up to the age of 4 to ride in one.

Smart bottle tech

Toddlers can be quite difficult when it comes to drinking water or milk. Sometimes they drink, sometimes they gesture that they have enough with their hands and occasionally they grimace at the sight of bottles! There is some incredible technology about the can really help you feed your child appropriately, for instance, bottles that automatically record how much was consumed and monitor things such as temperature and duration spent drinking. It’s remarkable how much you can learn with this smart tech and how it can make parenting easier.

Gifts for newborn

We hope that these unique gifts for newborn babies will come in handy. They can certainly be bought without breaking the bank, plus they’re super useful. Any mother or father to be will just love them!

Are there any newborn gifts for dad or mum that you would love to add to this list? Tell us in the comment section below.

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Elizabeth Barlettah is a copywriter with a lot of expertise writing about pregnancy and lifestyle. As a proud mother of 3, she herself knows all about what gifts really make sense and what don’t, even how to find the best natural diapers. Funny story: one time her husband bought her some anti-ageing cream as a gift – that was a big mistake!

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